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MINUTES - Thursday, December 10, 1998

Present: L. Calabrese, R. Campbell (Chair), E. Carte, N. Clark, M. Favara, L. Gargamelli, K. Jackson, D. Orloske, J. Palasek, A. Portilla, D. Ross, R. Schneeweiss, J. Silberman

Guests: Lou Guillette, Otis Mamed, Chuck Wallach

Chairman Campbell called the meeting to order at 5:08 p.m. He welcomed the Board and our guests, Mr. Wallach and Mr. Guillette. Reason for guests - better relations.

Ms. Gargamelli reported that the Budget Committee was unable to meet but has plans to convene as soon as school starts next semester.

Ms. Calabrese spoke on behalf of the House Committee in that committee chair, Ms. Moore, was unable to attend. A letter will be going out to student groups concerning the extension of ending time of functions.

Ms. Palasek presented Mr. Zytka’s Student Services Committee report. They both attended a commuter services meeting on December 17 where the conversation revolved mostly around parking, food service, and possible problems cause by the anticipated Student Center renovation.

Furthermore, Student Services is planning on working with the Program Council on the SHUT THE DOOR event. In addressing the goal Student Services is responsible for, Mr. Zytka’s reports some thought has gone into approaches for increasing students’ pride in the campus.

Mr. Schneeweiss reported that the ad hoc committee for the Bricks project will meet with Mr. Moran next week. The committee set a time to meet with him.

Ms. Clark, Vice President of Program Council, gave the Program Council report.
        MOTION (N. Clark/D. Ross) To ratify Ms. Sarah Collier as the Sidetracks Executive for 1998-99.
        Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained) (SUBOG 98-23)

The Program Council report highlighted plans for Winter Weekend, February 4-7, a semi-formal to be held at La Renaissance in East Windsor, a one-ton sundae, and a possible Casino night.

Events in November included Program Council’s involvement in the Blue & White Weekend, Karoake night, and an Open Mic (November 17).

Ms. Gargamelli noted that Ms. Nancy Clark (Vice Pres., Program Council) and Ms. Sandy Ribeiro (Treasurer, Program Council) were both graduating and should be commended for their extraordinary service to Program Council.
Program Council will have a retreat, January 22-23, in preparation for Spring 1999.

Mr. Orloske was called on to update the Board on the Student Center renovation. He reported that the model which was on display in November received great reviews from almost all who saw it. There are concerns about parking and the actual move. He noted that getting information out to the campus is the key in dealing with whatever problems the public might anticipate.
It was decided that the SUBOG meetings will be on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. in the spring semester. The first meeting will be January 28, 1999, in the Student Center Alumni Lounge.

Chairman Campbell then invited Mr. Guillette and Mr. Wallach to join the Board in a conversation concerning Chartwells. Mr. Guillette said "Chartwells is here to support the student body." He spoke of concern for sanitary standards which Chartwells adheres to and how an outside vendor might be kept to such a standard, too. If the sanitary standard can be met, then some liberalization of a current policy might be possible in the case of catering functions that feature ethnic dishes. It was also mentioned that a "Rapid" program existed and student organizations could avail themselves of it. The "Rapid" program requires the buyer to pick up food rather than have it delivered.

Mr. Guillette also spoke of a taste testing program. Students would test different items before they were introduced to the menu. A food fair of special dishes was mentioned as a possibility for student leaders. The conversation was lively and amicable.
Under General Comments, Ms. Gargamelli noted that the Program Council is planning for the spring an event featuring something in every room of the Student Center.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:19 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG   1998-99