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MINUTES - Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Attendance:  L. Calabrese (Chair), D. Geraci, E. Carte, S. Collier, M. Foglia, D. Orloske, A. Jorge, R. Schneeweiss, M. Flores

Ms. Calabrese called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in Henry Barnard 115.

Due to a lack of a 2/3 quorum, the vote on revisions to the Constitution, to update titles, was postponed until the next meeting.  

House Committee

Ms. Collier reported that the applications for the student office workstations in Seth North Hall were completed and would be sent to clubs within the next week.  Concerns were raised about current clubs that had offices but Ms. Collier assured members all organizations that had space now in the Student Center would also have space in Seth North Hall.

Ms. Collier also reported that an outline for policies for bulletin board space and use of vending tables in Memorial Hall had been submitted by Mr. Orloske and would be discussed following the committee reports.  

Budget Committee

Mr. Carte reported that the committee had discussed ways to promote the SUBOG to students as well as what policies might need review regarding facility use and budget in the new building.  Mr. Orloske indicated that the use of space was primarily the responsibility of the House Committee; but should proposals need funding, they would be involved more.

Student Services Committee

Ms. Jorge reported that Mr. Schneeweiss and the SA/LD staff were planning to get house warming gifts for the tenants of Seth North Hall.  Mr. Schneeweiss indicated that they wanted the gifts to come from the SUBOG, SA/LD and SCOES together.  He indicated that he had the funding but wanted to enroll their support.  All agreed it would be a good gesture.

Program Council

Ms. Geraci reported that the Program Council sent a delegation to the regional NACA conference and received a great deal of benefit from it.  In addition to the educational sessions, they attended many showcases.  As a result, they committed to booking a mind reader for the spring, at great savings.  They also brought some new ideas and other acts to follow up on.

She also reported that the movie “American Pie” drew over 400 students, which generated over $1,100, a record for the last few years.  PC also canceled the Community Adventures program due to lack of ticket sales.  Finally, she reported that Open Mic was a great success and very well attended.

Ms. Calabrese then went back to the bulletin board and vending table proposal submitted by SA/LD.  Mr. Orloske explained the situation in Memorial Hall, which is to become one of the hubs of activity on campus.  He said that a series of bulletin boards would assist in organizing the now chaotic array of flyers and posters being put on walls, doors and windows.  He said the staff was still refining their plan as to just what would go on each board proposed.  However, he indicated that due to the lack of space, very little, if any, of the space in Memorial Hall would be dedicated to individual organizations.   Mostly it would be of topical separation like campus and community events.  

As for recruiting/vending tables he said they were proposing that no commercial vendors be given indoor space and such vending only be allowed on tables outside during the spring and fall. 

It was asked if the posters would be policed and require a stamp.  Mr. Orloske said they planned to manage the boards much like they do now having the Office Manager for the SCOES department check the boards for inappropriate and outdated materials. 

It was suggested that the two boards at the south entry be included in the plan as well as using the space under the stairs on the west side of the Library.  Mr. Orloske indicated these were good ideas and added them to his list.  He then asked the Board’s feedback on the overall plan as he felt though Memorial Hall was not within the Board’s regular sphere their input would be valuable to the Administration in their review of the proposed policies.  All of the members indicate that they supported the proposal and hoped it was enacted soon.  

Ms. Calabrese indicated the next meeting would not be until February of 2000.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske , Executive Secretary