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Minutes for Friday, November 19, 2004, 1849 Room

Present:  C. Taggart (Chair), R. Hurley, T. Duda, A. Estrom, S. Sweeney, D. Lynch, G. Gigliotti, D. Orloske, O. Mamed

Guest:  R. Morgan

Ms. Taggart called the meeting to order at 1:36 p.m.  She welcomed all and requested introductions for new or first time members.


MOTION (D. Orloske/S. Sweeney)                                                             SUBOG 2004-26 

To ratify Travis Duda, CAN Mainstage Coordinator, and Alex Estrom, PRIDE Special Interest, as representatives to the SUBOG for 04-05. 

Motion Passed:    5-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


MOTION (G. Gigliotti/R. Hurley)                                                              SUBOG 2004-27  

To accept the minutes of the previous board meeting (10/15/04).

Motion Passed:    7-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


CAN Report (attached)

The report presented by Mr. Travis Duda included The Warrens program which attracted 1,085 participants at Welte Hall along with films such as "National Treasure" (attendance 845) and "Alphie" (250).  Mr. Duda also indicated that a number of members of CAN attended the NACA Regional Conference in Marlborough, MA, where they reviewed talent, met with talent agents and managers as well as 'block booked' talent for next semester saving money from the 'retail' cost of a group/performer.

Mosaic Report (attached)

Mr. Hurley reported on behalf of Ms. Crowe that Mosaic hosted its first event, “American Voices” (Nov. 9) and that they received feedback that was positive about the program.  A suggestion was made that a day performance of this nature might be worthwhile to students.  The committee continues work on the “In My Shoes” publication.  The committee plans a "Diversity Day" program on Saturday, February 12, with speakers and workshops for clubs and organizations to participate in.  Discussions about showing “The Passion of Christ” along with workshops and speakers for a date in the spring semester are ongoing.  Collaborative programs during Black History and Women's History months are in the planning stages.  A suggestion was made by Dr. Gigliotti to post cross publicity and seek collaboration with naturally connected academic areas.

Budget Committee Report (attached)

Mr. Hurley reported that SA/LD and SC accounting provided reports to him on the status of the SBG900 account (see attached report).  Mr. Hurley also reported that the following guidelines (as edited during the SUBOG meeting) were recommended to guide the committee/board in future spending from the SBG900 account.  They are: 

Funds allocated to the SBG900 account come from vending revenues from vending machines throughout the Student Center.  With this in mind, the SUBOG Budget Committee believes that requests from the following categories are our top priority:

·        Requests from students to improve the structure, friendliness, and comfort of the Student Center.

·        Requests for changes in the Student Center that will have a clear and direct effect on the students and staff who utilize the building and all of its offerings.

Requests made outside of these categories will also be taken into serious consideration but will not be the priority of the committee.  The priority of this committee lies in maintaining the Student Center as the "living room of this campus" in the eyes of the students.


Mr. Hurley reported that there is a request to fund banners for use on campus from the SBG900 account for $4,500.  There was an earnest discussion of the history of the banners and the direct benefit to the students in spending this money from the SBG900 account for these banners.  The consensus was that these banners should be funded from the operating budget of the University.  The Board decided not to fund the project.

House Committee Report (attached)

Mr. Mamed reported (on behalf of Ms. Crowe, House Chair) that the committee met and created guidelines for the use of the display cabinets in the foyer leading to the drum in the Student Center.  Those guidelines were reviewed by the SUBOG, discussed and accepted as written.  See below:

SUBOG Display Cases

Intention and Guidelines for Use 

The display cases (3) are intended for use by recognized clubs and organizations of CCSU, the Student Activities/Leadership Development Department (SALD), and The Student Center Department (SC).  The cases may be scheduled and used for special occasions of the University as scheduled through the Central Reservations Office (CRO) of the Student Center.

Specifically, one case will be designated for long term use by clubs and organizations to display their citations, awards and trophies.  All clubs will be able to display some portion of their memorabilia in this case.  No single club will be able to display their entire collection in this case.  This case is designated for this purpose indefinitely.  The SALD will work with all recognized clubs and organizations to manage the display in this case at all times.

Another case will be used for scheduled displays by clubs and organizations and the campus community.  This display case will be scheduled by the CRO through the campus room scheduling software (EMS).  This case is intended for use on a one month basis but can be scheduled for a minimum of a two-week period.  Examples of how this case might be used by clubs and organizations would be to promote and recruit membership to their group, to call attention to major events sponsored by the group or to promote a series of events in cooperation with several groups, such as Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Fire Prevention Month, AIDS Awareness Month, Winter or Spring Week Programs, etc.  SALD will support and promote this to clubs.  If this case is not scheduled for use during any time period, The Student Center Department will make sure a display is maintained there until the next scheduled use.

The remaining case will be used for long-term display of Student Center, Student Activities/Leadership Development and Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG) citations, awards, plaques and trophies.    This case can be requested for use on special occasions to the CRO or when the need arises where multiple cases are required to accommodate display needs should the one scheduled display case (above) not be enough to support the University community needs during a particular time period.  The SC will work with SALD to maintain the long-term display in this case.                                                                                                           November 12, 2004


Mr. Mamed then presented a draft of the feedback card (LISTEN UP!) which is resurrected from a program SUBOG supported before the renovation of the Student Center.  The SUBOG suggested edits for the card which were noted.  The card will be implemented as soon as details for collection (plexi-boxes and displays) are completed and the on-line version will be started simultaneously.  The on-line draft version can be viewed by going to the following web page:


Student Services Committee Report

There was no meeting of the Student Services Committee this past month.


Old Business

SUBOG Motion 2004-24 was re-opened for completion from the last board meeting by Dr. Gigliotti and Mr. Duda.  Mr. Mamed indicated that a meeting directly after the SUBOG meeting of 10/15/04 was held informally with Mr. Bachoo and Dr. Toston in Semesters.  Mr. Bachoo approved of the type of shades already purchased and installed on the south windows of Semesters during the summer and stated that Facilities Management could support repairs to these shades in the future.  Dr. Toston supported this and thanked Mr. Bachoo for his support of this student focused request.  Mr. Mamed restated that these shades would only be operated by building staff, only for limited events, and any damage to them during these events could be charged to the event sponsor.  With that information, the Board voted on the motion:

MOTION (R. Hurley/T. Johnson)                                                               SUBOG 2004-24 

To spend $6,700 from SBG900 to support the student organizations’ request of blinds in Semesters to be used for dance programs and only to be operated by Student Center staff

Motion Passed:    7-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


New Business

Ms. Morgan and Mr. Duda requested that formal proceedings begin to remove a student from a CAN office due to not meeting the requirements of the position.  Ms. Taggart and Mr. Mamed requested that a meeting be scheduled with them prior to any formal proceedings to ensure that the student is clear about the proceedings.  Mr. Orloske suggested that Mr. Chris Dukes, University Judicial Director, be notified and participate in all of the proceedings so that due process is protected.  Ms. Morgan was to schedule a meeting with the student.



Mr. Mamed promoted the Student Satisfaction Inventory to the Board indicating that the program has been promoted through meetings with students and by distributing business cards and promo cards at many locations throughout the Student Center.  The survey will continue until November 30.  He suggested that students promote this to their various committees and participate as it will affect the services and quality of them in the future.   

The next SUBOG meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 10, 2004, in the 1849 Room of the Student Center.  It was requested that all members attempt to be present at the next meeting. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2004-2005