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MINUTES - Friday, September 24, 2004

Present:  C. Taggart (Chair), R. Hurley, A. Taitague, A. Augeri, K. Crowe, R. Timpany,  K. Carpino, S. Sweeney, D. Lynch, G. Gigliotti, J. DiPlacido, D. Orloske, O. Mamed

Guest:  M. Sage, J. Alicandro

Ms. Taggart, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.  She welcomed all and looks forward to a productive year.

      MOTION (K. Crowe/S. Sweeney)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-13  

To ratify the following students and administrative faculty as representative members of the SUBOG for 04-05.

      R. Hurley, Graduate Student Representative, Special Interest 
      R. Timpany, Campus Activities Network (CAN) President
      A. Taitague, CAN at-large Representative
      K. Carpino, CAN at-large Representative      
      A. Augeri, Student Employee Representative 
      D. Lynch, Continuing Education, Graduate School Representative 

      Motion Passed:  4-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


      MOTION (S. Sweeney/K. Carpino)                                                                   SUBOG 2004-14  

To ratify the following teaching faculty as members of the SUBOG for 04-05. 

Gilbert Gigliotti, English Department
Joanne DiPlacido, Psychology Department

      Motion Passed:  10-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


Ms. Taggart then reviewed the purpose of the SUBOG by reviewing Article 2.0 of the SUBOG Constitution.  She noted that the power of the Board comes from the President of the University and makes all of its recommendations to the President for his/her approval. 

Ms. Taggart then requested ideas from the membership about goals and expectations for the year.  They included:  publicity and promotions of the Board and the Student Center in general; policy review for posting and facility use; a review of club space; and a request to administer the Educational Benchmarking Inventory.

Ms. Taggart then appointed Standing Committee chairs as they volunteered:

Mr. Rich Hurley                       Budget Committee
Ms. Krystal Crowe                   House Committee
Ms. Amanda Augeri                 Student Services 

The next meeting for each of these committees is as follows:

Budget:                        October  8, 3:00 PM - TBA
House:                          October 15, 11:30 AM - 1849 Room
Student Services:          October 11,  5:00 PM - TBA 

Members of the committees appointed so far are as follows: 

Budget:                        Hurley, DiPlacido, Sweeney 
House:                          Crowe, Taitague, Gigliotti, Lynch, Mamed 
Student Services:          Augeri, Carpino, Timpany, Orloske 

Ms. Timpany then briefed the Board on the activities to date of the Campus Activities Network (CAN), including recruitment "CAN Openers" and 1ST Week Activities and films.  Upcoming events were also previewed verbally.

Ms. Taggart then requested ideas for the Board to work on this year.  Ideas suggested included:  room use/lobby use policy review, posting policy review, and creating a feedback card were all delegated to the House Committee.  Possible funding for light pole banners, SUBOG publicity, and conference funding were referred to the Budget Committee.

Ms. Taggart promoted the Association of College Unions International Region 1 Conference coming up on October 22-24, 2004, hosted by the CCSU Student Center.  The Student Center and Student Activities offices will manage requests to attend the conference through their departments and funding will be approved at the next Board meeting.

Ms. Taggart inquired about vending machine stock, and Mr. Orloske recommended that a visit to Jeff Benner in the Card Office might get products that the students would like to see in the beverage machines.

Mr. Mamed promoted the Student Satisfaction Inventory to the board, indicating that there will be more publicity about this in the future and that students should participate as it will affect the services and quality of them in the future. 

Ms. Taggart requested that some guidelines be developed for the award cabinets that were purchased last year for student use.  Rich Hurley will provide some feedback for student club awards.  This was referred to the House Committee for further consideration and recommendations.

Ms. Sweeney requested that the Board consider the allocated club support space this year.  Ms. Sweeney will provide a recommendation for meeting timeline, suggested completion date, and where resources will come from to support the effort to support clubs better with the limited space available in the Student Center.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:22 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2004-2005