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MINUTES - Thursday, May 06, 1999

Present: L. Calabrese, R. Campbell (Chair), C. Chenette, E. Carte, A. Cimiano, A. Cortes, V. Hayes, D. Orloske, D. Ross, J. Zytka. Guest: S. Sweeney

Chairman Campbell called the meeting to order at 5:15 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the Student Center.

Mr. Campbell welcomed Board Members to the final meeting of the school year and then asked Mr. Carte to present the Program Council Budget for the 1999-2000 fiscal year.

Mr. Carte presented the budget developed by the members of the Program Council over the last month. Some questions were raised as to the enrollment numbers used for the budget. Mr. Carte indicated that the average of 5,750 for each semester was conservative and that the real numbers should exceed the numbers used. This could mean additional funds would need to be allocated mid-year.

MOTION: (E. Carte/J. Zytka) To accept the budget of the Program Council for the 1999-2000 fiscal year as presented.

Motion Passed (9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstain) SUBOG 99-7

Mr. Carte and Mr. Schneeweiss also presented the budget for the Leadership Development programs and the Mosaic Committee for the Fiscal 1999-2000 Fiscal Year

MOTION: (E. Carte/C. Chenette) To accept the budget of the Leadership Development and Mosaic Committee programs for the 1999-2000 fiscal year as presented.

Motion Passed (9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstain) SUBOG 99-8

Mr. Cortes reported on the Budget Committee’s goal regarding food services. He reported that the Committee was suggesting a procedure for organizations that wish to have ethnic food at programs. The procedure would require at least a six-(6) week advance notice to Chartwells of their request and then a week later for Chartwells to prepare a sample dish to evaluation. He also said the Committee thought that if Chartwells could not prepare the menu then they could inspect the caterer to be used by the organization to make sure they meet certain standards. Mr. Orloske pointed out that it would be unlikely Chartwells or even the University would want to get into such an inspection as it would bring a great deal of liability on either organization. Such liability should be solely that of the caterer used as they would hold the health license under which the food was prepared. Mr. Orloske indicted that the procedure suggested was one that Chartwells uses currently but they rarely got six weeks notice. Such a lead-time would greatly increase their ability to respond to such requests as the menu might require them to bring in a specially trained chef from another account to prepare the meal. Dean Ross suggested the Committee meet with Chartwells to work this procedure out further and come to an agreement as to what would work best.

Mr. Campbell commended the Committee on the achievements this year related to their goals related to the Food Services, and in particular the expansion of the Rapid Carry-out Menu to all student organizations.

Ms. Calabrese then gave the House Committee Report. She reported that Ms. Sweeney had made a request of the Board to initiate their process of establishing criteria for student office space in the new Student Center and begin their selection of interested clubs this fall. Mr. Orloske explained that due to the relocation of the Learning Center and the Pre-College & Access Services departments to Copernicus Hall, we now had additional space in Seth North Hall. He reported that it was the staff’s intention to mimic, as much as possible, the arrangement of organizations in Seth North as would be in the new Student Center. The additional space will allow us to set up individual workstations for selected organizations as will be in the new student center. In order to establish and refine the process by which this is done, the Board needs to move this planning up from their original schedule of 2000 to the first thing this fall in order to have clubs chosen by the November meeting. This will allow selected clubs to move into the space in December. It was generally agreed that the House Committee should initiate this process as their first order of business this fall.

Ms. Calabrese reported on the House Committee’s goal to name all of the rooms in the new Student Center. She reported that though the Committee has settled on the theme of the University’s History, and have come up with names for most of the spaces and rooms, there are still a number of rooms yet to be named. Mr. Orloske and Dean Ross both agreed that the Committee was very near its completion of the project but due to the demands for the end of the semester, it has been difficult to generate the creativity and time necessary to do a quality job of the final spaces of the plan. Mr. Campbell commended the Committee on their work and asked that the Committee make the completion of this project a top priority for the fall.

Mr. Zytka reported on the Student Services Committee. He indicated that they did not have a meeting this month. However, he did report that the Committee had been active in commuter outreach programs and had been successful in supporting the formulation of the Commuter Students Association. Mr. Campbell and other Board members commended the Committee for supporting this effort as commuters need this outreach in order to develop a stronger bond with the University and participate more in the community.

Mr. Carte submitted the Program Council report written by President Lamont. He highlighted a number of programs and in particular those in Spring Week that was currently underway.

He then put forth the selected slate of Executives and Committee Coordinators for the 1999-2000 school year. He indicated that this was the first time in many years that each and every leadership position in Program Council was filled.

MOTION: (E. Carte/A. Cimiano) To ratify the leadership selections for Program Council for the 1999-200 school year as follows:

Dawn Geraci President
Alexander Cortes Vice President
Adam Lansing Secretary
Eddie Carte Treasurer
Tiffany Williams Climax Committee Coordinator
Tara Banks Spotlite Committee Coordinator
Sandy Monteiro Cinema Central Committee Coordinator
Ana Maria Tosado Community Adventures Committee Coordinator
Sarah Collier Sidetracks Coordinator
Rosalia Gaspar Arts and Culture Committee Coordinator

Motion Passed (9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstain) SUBOG 99-9

A motion was then put forth to allocate $3,000 from the Program Council’s General Reserves to fund the summer program. Ms. Sweeney explained that it had been past practice, for the past few years, to fund the summer program in this matter. However, this funding had been part of the regular Program Council budget some years ago when membership was higher and more active. She suggested that next year this might become a normal line item of the Program Council’s budget. Dean Ross asked what the balance of the reserves would be after this allocation. Ms. Sweeney reported that the current balance was $6,249, which would leave the balance at $3,249 if the transfer were approved. Ms. Sweeney also explained that currently, our graduate interns did the planning of the summer programs. They planned mainly food- and trip-type programs on a weekly basis. She said that students were more than welcome to participate in this planning, but as most students have not been available during the summer, it has been mainly a staff initiated program to date.

MOTION: (A. Cortes/E. Carte) To transfer $3,000 from account #994100 (Program Council Reserves to account #994610 (Summer Programs) to fund summer programs for the coming year.

Motion Passed (9-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstain) SUBOG 99-10

Mr. Orloske then gave an update on the Student Center Addition Project. He said, as reported earlier, Seth North Hall was not going to be ready until later in the fall, so parts of the Student Center would be available for use during the early part of the fall at this point. This would be primarily the Ballroom, Gameroom and office areas. The Devil’s Den and Semesters would be closed as much of the equipment will be stripped from the kitchens this summer and the space will be needed for a temporary area for equipment to be moved, stored, and sent to State Surplus. Most the art in the building will also be removed this summer, so the building will have a little sterile appearance in September. Currently, plans are to close the Ballroom and meeting areas by November 1 and have all of the offices moved by the end of November. The construction should then start December 1 if everything goes well. Other than that, the design is close to completion as are the construction documents.

Mr. Orloske did say that this delay might actually make it easier to reorient the campus to the new location of services as we will be able to talk with them at both service locations and promote the new locations in the current one.

Mr. Campbell then went over the goals set by the Board in the fall and pointed to the achievements that were reported by the committees. He, once again, commended the Board on all of their hard work throughout the year and all that they accomplished by working together. He reminded members to RSVP to the recognition banquet scheduled for May 11.

Mr. Zytka then placed a motion of commendation into the record regarding Mr. Campbell’s leadership as Board Chair for the 1998-1999 school year.

MOTION: (J. Zytka/D. Ross) The members of the Student Union board of Governors would like to extend their gratitude of tanks and appreciation on behalf of the University community to Robert Campbell for his service as the 1998-1999 SUBOG Chair.

Motion Passed By Acclamation SUBOG 99-11

Mr. Campbell thanked the Board for their acknowledgment. He then when onto the last order of business which was the election of the Board Chair for the 1999-2000 school year. He indicate that if there were no further nominations, that Ms. Calabrese was the only member who had accepted the nomination for the position. Hearing no further nominations, he asked member to cast their vote by a simple yes or no on a piece of paper and turn them into the acting Executive Secretary, Mr. Orloske. Mr. Orloske then counted the votes and reported that Ms. Calabrese was accepted as Chair by the membership by a unanimous vote.

At this point Mr. Campbell turned his gavel and seat over to Ms. Calabrese as Chair of SUBOG. Ms. Calabrese then called for adjournment. She adjourned the meeting at 6:32 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Acting Executive Secretary