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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, October 30, 2009, 1849 Meeting Room


Present:  K. Fournier (Chair), C. Leahy, M. Craw, A. Pasquariello, M. Vekakis, E. Rivera, K. Hanley, M. Wright, J. DiPlacido, G. Gigliotti, K. Barone, L. Tordenti, R. Bachoo, S. Hazan, O. Mamed

Absent:  A. Santana, K. Soliwoda, N. Bryant, J. Kassay, K. Dalia, A. Grella, CAN Rep, Graduate Rep, Mosaic Rep

Guests:  L. Mongrello, D. Joseph, K. Kobylenski, C. Jones, C. Cabello, L. Mulvaney,

Ms. Fournier called the meeting to order at 2:07 PM.  She welcomed all and entertained a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

MOTION (G. Gigliotti / M. Vekakis)                                                                  SUBOG 2010-11

To approve the minutes of the September 25, 2009 meeting

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained

Ms. Fournier then accepted a motion to ratify the new member representing SGA on the Board.

MOTION (M. Vekakis / S. Hazan)                                                                    SUBOG 2010-12

To ratify Evelees Rivera as the second SGA representative to the Board

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained

CAN Report
The CAN monthly report of activities, produced by this subcommittee of the SUBOG was presented by
M. Craw.  Homecoming Week was well attended and events included a carnival, a concert with Trey Songz and a trip to the Big E (see attached).

Mosaic Committee
D. Joseph presented the report on behalf of the vacant Mosaic Chair position.  Diversity Advocates training was held.  Platanos and Collard Greens will be presented November 4 (see attached for full report).

House Committee
K. Fournier then reviewed goals that were set and the membership for the various subcommittees of the Board. The next House Committee meeting is scheduled for November 10 at 4:30 PM.  They will be discussing the need for more space added on to the Student Center and presenting a request to the CSU-BOT for this.  Club office space assignments and constitutional changes will be on the agenda for this meeting. 

Student Services Committee Report
Retreat goals were reviewed including availability of programming space, promotion of commuter services and doing surveys to seek student opinions (see list of committee goals attached).

Budget Committee Report
The next Budget Committee Meeting will be November 20 at 2:00 PM in O. Mamed’s Office (see list of committee goals attached).  The Budget Committee met and reviewed and recommended the approval of the proposals they received.

C. Cabello requested funding for the SUBOG 5th Annual Door Decorating Contest including prizes for the winners and supplies to assist groups in producing their doors.

MOTION (K. Hanley / C. Leahy)                                                                      SUBOG 2010-13

To approve the request for up to $1,050 from SBG900 as requested for the Annual Door Decorating Contest (see attached)

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                1-Abstained

L. Mulvaney requested funding for the campus SUBOG Holiday Social on December 10 at 6:00 PM.

MOTION (J. DiPlacido / M. Vekakis )                                                               SUBOG 2010-14

To approve up to $3,300 from SBG900 for food, decorations, entertainment and prizes for the SUBOG Holiday Social (see attached)

Motion Passed:   15-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained

C. Jones requested funding for the SUBOG sponsored Festival of Lights.

MOTION (S. Hazan / E. Rivera)                                                                      SUBOG 2010-15

To approve up to $1,000 from SBG900 for battery operated candles and luminaire bags for the Festival of Lights

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                1-Abstained

D. Joseph, on behalf of the Mosaic Committee, requested funding for new furnishings in the Mosaic Center.  Discussion about why SUBOG should fund operational items ensued.  O. Mamed indicated that he could not fund the purchase because his student labor and equipment budget has been reduced 10% requiring his department to reduce hours of the Student Center beginning soon.  The Capital Replacement Budget that the Student Center had (about $400K) was swept clean by the President and CFO and used as “one time money” in the new budget scheme.  The only source of funds known to be available was the SBG900 funds of the Board to support their own subcommittee office, Mosaic Center. 

L. Tordenti requested a copy of the capital replacement plan (attached) and a week to find alternate funding sources.  R. Bachoo indicated that there should be other sources of funds for this type of project and would work with L. Tordenti to find funding.

MOTION (S. Hazan / C. Leahy)                                                                       SUBOG 2010-16

To approve up to $8,400 from SBG900 for purchase of Mosaic Center furniture should an alternate funding source not be found by L. Tordenti and R. Bachoo by Friday, November 6, 2009.

Motion Passed:   12-Yes        2-No                1-Abstained

M. Craw then requested support for the NACA scholarship program by contributing a gift basket for the silent auction at the conference.

MOTION (M. Vekakis / J. DiPlacido)                                                                SUBOG 2010-17

To approve up to $150 from SBG900 for the purchase of items from the CCSU Bookstore for a gift basket for the silent auction to support the NACA scholarship

Motion Passed:   12-Yes        2-No                0-Abstained

G. Gigliotti suggested that the Budget Committee streamline the approval process for future meetings by grouping requests and recommending approvals for the Board Meeting unless the Budget Committee found items that needed further discussion or were considered controversial.

Old Business

K. Fournier reported that the Retreat (Advance!) of the Board was held on October 9 and that goals were set as listed in the handout (see attached).   Issues, such as the tweaking of the Constitution would be done this year including a concern about the succession of the SUBOG Chair by the CAN President.  SUBOG wants more connection between itself and its subcommittee - CAN, Mosaic, and the standing committee of the Board, House, Budget and Student Services.

New Business

K. Fournier indicated that items, such as the size of the Student Center (office, study, meeting and performance/rehearsal space) would be addressed this year to the CSU-BOT.  It was requested that O. Mamed share the capital expenditures plan that was used to build the Capital Replacement Budget that no longer exists.  The Chair will arrange for a Student Services meeting as there is no chair for this committee at this time. 

K. Fournier requested announcements from the floor.  They were:


The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne “Otis” Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2009-2010