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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, May 11, 2007, 1849 Meeting Room

Present:  K. Barone (Chair), C. Bombria, L. Yeomans, J. Ceja, K. Fournier, C. Zohlman, D. Lynch, E.  Tuttle,  A.Taitague, D. Macchiaroli, D. Orloske, O. Mamed, S. Hazan, J. Higgins, J. DiPlacido, M. Garofalo

Absent:  A. Spitko, S. Martinez, M. Toston, R. Bachoo

Guests:  A. Estrom, S. Sweeney

Mr. Barone called the meeting to order at 2:04 PM.  He welcomed all and asked that the minutes from the previous meeting be approved.

MOTION (M. Garofalo/E. Tuttle)                                                                          SUBOG 2007-29

To approve the minutes of the April 20, 2007, meeting as attached

Motion Passed:  13-Yes          0-No                 1-Abstained

Mr. Barone then asked the Board to ratify the new leadership of CAN for the 2007-2008 year.

MOTION (J. DiPlacido/E. Tuttle)                                                                          SUBOG 2007-30

To approve C. Bombria as President, A. Spitko as VP of Marketing and E. LaCombe as VP of Finance for the Central Activities Network

Motion Passed:  14-Yes          0-No                 0-Abstained 

Mr. Barone requested that the Board ratify the new representative of the Student Government Association to the Board for the 2007-2008 year.

MOTION (S. Hazan/A. Taitague)                                                                         SUBOG 2007-31

To approve K. Fournier as the SGA appointed representative to the SUBOG

Motion Passed:  15-Yes          0-No                 0-Abstained


CAN Report
C. Bombria presented the CAN Report (see attached).  Ms. Bombria spoke about the attendance at all of the Spring Weekend events.  CAN was very happy with the attendance numbers for each of the events.  The Busta Rhymes Concert, Comedians, Raining Jane mini-concert and 3 on 3 Tournament were enjoyed by many and were well organized.  Ms. Bombria indicated that students felt the Carnival and the BBQ events were the most popular and that the BBQ program had approximately 2,000 students in attendance! 

Mosaic Committee
S. Martinez was absent and no report was available. 

House Committee
C. Zohlman acknowledged this committee’s work for the past year and that he looked forward to supporting new signage in the Student Center and a Club Shop formally being put into place for next fall by SA/LD. 

Student Services Committee Report
A. Taitague acknowledged this committee’s work and indicated that she hoped the support of the commuter students by this committee would continue next year as it has for so long. 

Budget Committee Report
The Board then went on to begin the approval process for distribution of the SUBOG portion of the Student Activities Fund.  The CAN Budget was the first to be discussed.  There were some questions about how CAN came to the proposed breakdown of funds in the committees and what the level of reserves were.    

MOTION (C. Zohlman/J. DiPlacido)                                                                      SUBOG 2007-32  

To approve the allocation of $156,000 to CAN per the attached

Motion Passed:  15-Yes          0-No                 1-Abstained

The Board then considered the allocation of funds for Leadership Development and MOSAIC.

MOTION (M. Garofalo/C. Bombria)                                                                      SUBOG 2007-33  

To approve the allocation of $52,000 to Leadership Development and MOSAIC per the attached

Motion Passed:  15-Yes          0-No                 1-Abstained

The Board then considered two allocations of funds from SBG900.  The first was to support summer programs.  D. Orloske pointed out that funds from the Student Activities fees should be used to fund summer programming.  C. Bombria pointed out that summer programming ended up funding faculty and staff participation in community events and not student.  O. Mamed requested that CAN and SA/LD consider an alternate source for such programming in the future as the SBG900 account should be used for Board projects such as signage or acquiring art, and not for ongoing programming as it might create a sense of entitlement that would have been similar to the WC asking SGA for funds each year.

MOTION (A. Taitague/J. DiPlacido)                                                                      SUBOG 2007-34  

To approve the allocation of $1,755 to supplement income for summer programs from SBG900

Motion Passed:  10-Yes          3-No                 1-Abstained

The Board considered the second request for funds from SBG900.  This is to support a new Leadership Development Lecture Series called Living Room Lectures.  Again it was pointed out that SBG900 should not be used for funding regular series programming, and that it is clearly recommended that this program be funded from some other source in the future.  S. Hazan indicated that this is on a trial basis and not a permanent funding source.  Faculty indicated that they supported this series as a potential collaborative effort with academic departments.

MOTION (J. DiPlacido/D. Lynch)                                                                          SUBOG 2007-35  

To approve the allocation of $10,000 to SLD905 for this lecture series

Motion Passed:   9-Yes           1-No                 3-Abstained


Old Business
No old business.

New Business
No new business. 


- O. Mamed announced that the Student Center and Student Activities/Leadership Development Departments have chosen Graduate Interns for next year.  They are awaiting approval from the VP SA Office before making a formal offer.  They are:

            Jessica Long – University of Massachusetts, Lowell – Lowell, MA
            Barrett McGee – Centenary College of Louisiana – Shreveport, LA
            David McGraw – Doane College – Crete, NE
            Kimberly Reissig – Central Connecticut State University – New Britain, CT

- S. Sweeney announced that S. Hazan has been appointed as Director of Student Activities/Leadership Development.  O. Mamed has been appointed as Director of the Student Center; D. Orloske, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, will be retiring effective July 1, 2007; Pat Anderson, SA/LD Department Secretary, will be retiring as of June 1, 2007;  J. Rafferty has left the Student Center and is now the Associate Director of the Usdan Student Center at Wesleyan University. 

The meeting was adjourned at 2:54 PM

Respectfully submitted,  

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2007-2008