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MINUTES - Thursday, April 30, 1998

Student Union Board of Governors

Attendance:  S. Lamont, N. Clark, L. Gargamelli, V. Hass, J. Hartig, D. 
Orloske, R. Schneeweiss, D. Ross, R. Campbell, J. Kaufman, H. Palmer, D. 

Meeting was called to order at 4:35 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge of the 
Student Center by Chairperson Shari Lamont.


Student Services
Ms. Kaufman reported that the committee ran a commuter coffee at which they 
asked students to write down suggestions and comments on Student Center 
facilities and services.  She has distributed them to the appropriate staff 
members and have asked them to respond in writing to them.  The responses 
will be posted on the Listen Up! board in the North Hall next week.

House Committee
Ms. Gargamelli reported that the committee had gotten a request from The 
Recorder to be allocated the small office that had been vacated by the Dial 
Yearbook.  A discussion followed regarding need and possible use by other 
clubs.  Ms. Gargamelli said that what supported their request was that they 
were now independent of the SGA; and as such, the equipment in the once 
common area now belonged to them.  Issues of another club using their 
equipment posed a problem.  Also The Recorder planned to publish weekly and 
said they needed the space for staff to be able to do this successfully.  
It was also shared that other clubs will be able to have space in the new 
Student Center when it reopens.

MOTION (Gargamelli/Palmer) To allocate permanently the small office that 
had been vacated by the Dial Yearbook to The Recorder.

Motion Passed (7-Yes, 0-No, 2-Abstained)        SUBOG 98-07

Next Ms. Gargamelli indicated they had a request from some clubs, which 
included PRIDE, for information in setting up a voice mailbox for club 
inquiries and to look into the possibility of setting up a library where 
clubs could leave books, magazines and materials for students to use.  Mr. 
Orloske indicated that they could easily set up a "voice only mailbox" on 
the system without getting a phone line.  As for the latter request, it 
would take some investigation.

MOTION (Schneeweiss/Clark) To have the Board look into a way of setting up 
a library where clubs could leave books, magazines and materials for 
students to use.

Motion Passed (10-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 98-08

Mr. Orloske said he would be glad to allow clubs to leave magazines to be 
added to the periodical lending library at the Information Center.  This 
has been done in the past.  He even offered to add the subscription to the 
Center budget if the magazine had a frequent usership, which they track at 
the desk.  Other options were discussed including use of the Library and 
possibly the Resource Centers of the Womens Center and Cultural Education 
Center if appropriate to those areas.

Budget Committee
Mr. Campbell reported that the committee did not meet.  However, he did 
report that he had been looking at the proposed changes to the Program 
Council portion of the SUBOG Constitution and said he would be making the 
appropriate changes to their budget reports should they occur.  Also 
reported was that there had been no request for use of the $2,000 from the 
display board in the Devils Den, as yet, from clubs for program support.

Program Council
Ms. Gargamelli gave the Program Council report and highlighted upcoming 
events of Spring Week including a Casino Night tonight, Muddy Sunday mud 
events, and the last event of the year the play "Rent."  She reported that 
the events thus far during Spring Week have been generally well attended 
and students have had fun.


Program Council Constitution
Mr. Connelly reported that since the reading of the proposed changes to the 
Program Council portion of the SUBOG Constitution, many discussions had 
occurred.  These discussions have prompted all involved in developing the 
document to understand that more discussion needs to occur regarding 
several parts of the planned reorganization.  They realize that it may take 
a semester or more to come to a final structure that all can agree to.

However, one part of the plan, the restructuring of the committees, was 
deemed critical to revitalizing the Program Council.  To that end, he asked 
that section 9.3, which outlines the structure of the Program Council 
committees, be voted on and that the remainder of the proposed changes be 
tabled until next semester.

Mr. Connelly explained that the consolidation of the current nine 
committees down to six would broaden the variety of program types that each 
of the committees could produce.   The only committee not to be changed 
would be Sidetracks.  This new structure would allow students to pursue a 
variety of interests in one committee.  It would also reduce the size of 
the Program Council and make it easier to get and stay involved in.  Some 
concerns were raised that the consolidated committees may have too large a 
job and may make it hard for students to fulfill their mission.  Mr. 
Connelly and Mr. Schneeweiss indicated that that may be a problem but the 
research the committee did on other schools indicated that approaches like 
this have worked.  They said they would have to monitor it to make sure it 
is meeting goals.

MOTION (Sutera/Clark) To accept Section 9.3 of the revised Program Council 
portion of the SUBOG Constitution, which outlines the committee structure, 
in whole.

Motion Passed (11-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 98-09

MOTION (Sutera/Gargamelli) To table the remaining proposed changes to the 
Program Council portion of the SUBOG Constitution.

Motion Passed (10-Yes, 0-No, 0-Abstained)       SUBOG 98-10

Mr. Orloske reported the Addition/Renovation Project was continuing to go 
well.  He invited Board members to attend a presentation that was being 
done for the President on May 4, 1998, in the Reception Room at 1:00 p.m.  
He said that what would be shown would be very close to what would 
ultimately be built.


Election of New Board Chair
 Ms. Lamont then asked if the two people nominated for the Board Chair 
would accept the nominations.  Mr. Campbell indicated that he accepted.  
Mr. Edison also accepted the nomination via a letter to Ms. Lamont.  Ms. 
Lamont indicated that Mr. Edison was unable to attend the meeting due to 
work related conflicts.  He had asked Ms. Lamont to read a letter to the 
Board related to his qualifications and interest in the position, which she 
did.  She then allowed Mr. Campbell to do the same and speak to his 
background and interest in being Board Chair.

A  secret ballot was then conducted.  Mr. Orloske, the Executive Secretary, 
and Ms. Lamont then took the ballots away and counted them.

Ms. Lamont then reported to the Board that Mr. Campbell had received the 
majority of the votes and congratulated him.  She then officially passed 
the gavel to Mr. Campbell so that he could chair the balance of the 

Mr. Campbell recognized Ms. Clark who then read a statement recognizing Ms. 
Lamonts contributions as Board Chair for the past year and asked that it be 
so moved for the record.

MOTION (Clark/Gargamelli) The members of the Student Union Board of 
Governors wish to gratefully thank and praise on behalf of the University 
community Shari Lamont for her service as the 1997-1998 SUBOG Chair.

Motion Passed (By Acclamation)  SUBOG 98-11

After a round of applause, Mr. Campbell indicated that another meeting 
would be needed in order to address the Program Council budget for 
1998-1999.  After discussion, it was decided to hold the meeting on June 4, 
1998, at 6:00 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 5:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary


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