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How to Make a Curriculum Submission

1. On the Curriculum Committee's main web page, click on "Curriculum Forms and Archives."

2. Just right of where it says "Choose a Form," click on the up and down arrows in the blue background and select which option you want.  There are only six options (you may add, delete or revise a course or program).

Important Note #1:  if you are creating a new course or deleting an existing course, and this course is explicitly mentioned in any program (e.g. the major or the minor in your Department), then you must also submit a "Program Revision" that shows us exactly how you want to course change to be reflected in the Program description.

Important Note #2:  if your submission does not fit one of these six options, then contact the Chair of the Curriculum Committee to work out the best way to proceed.

Important Note #3:  If you are creating a new course or changing the number of an existing course, you must check with the Registrar's office to see which numbers are available in your department.  Contact Matthew Bielawa, bielawam@mail.ccsu.edu.

3. Once you have selected one of the six options, click on the "Curriculum Forms" button.

4. Fill out all the requested information on the relevant form (especially the date when the Department approved the submission).

Occasionally Annoying Complication:  for reasons explained below, if you are deleting or revising an existing course or program, the details called up by the electronic form may be incorrect.  Ignore these errors.  For the most up-to-date version of courses/programs, check the Undergraduate "Shadow Catalog" or the Graduate "Shadow Catalog" (url's available on every curriculum committee agenda).  In your "Rationale," explain exactly what changes you want to make from the version of your course/program as it is shown in the relevant "Shadow Catalog."

5. Once you have filled out all requested information, click on the "Submit your Request" button at the bottom of the page.  Check to see that all the information has been captured accurately.  If not, use your browser to go back a page and edit your work.  Hit "Submit your Request" and check your work again.  When you have it the way you want it, click on the "Submit Final Request" button at the bottom, and print this page.

Important Note:  the electronic submission is helpful but not crucial.  The only "official" version of your submission is the printed and signed copy, as modified by subcommittees and the full committee.  Check the version of your submission in the agenda published by the Chair, which will be updated to reflect all changes made by all subcommittees and by the full committee.

6. Get all required signatures on the printed form and get the form to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee by noon of the first Friday after the first Wednesday of a month with a scheduled round of curriculum meetings.

Important Note:  If the proposal involves TEACHER CERTIFICATION, you need the signature of the President of the SEPS Governance Council, at the Department of Teacher Education, 309B Barnard Hall.

7. The Chair of the Curriculum Committee will assign your submission to all relevant subcommittees.  You or your alternate (or approved designee) must be present at all subcommittee meetings at which your submission is condered.

Important Note:  If there is no one to represent your department and answer questions about your submission at even one subcommittee that is scheduled to discuss it, then your submission will automatically be postponed in all subcommittees until the next round of meetings.

8. You or your alternate (or approved designee) must attend the full meeting of the curriculum committee following the round of subcommittee meetings in order to explain and answer questions about your proposal - even if your submission is on the "consent agenda."

9. Your Department Chair may ask you to attend the meeting of the Faculty Senate at which your submission will be voted upon, since members of the Senate may ask questions about, or have objections to, your submission.


Explanation of the Occasionally Annoying Complication:  CCSU uses Finalsite.  Use of the software is expensive, but the powers that be deem the cost worthwhile for the (a) security and (b) support offered by Finalsite.  Unfortunately, Finalsite cannot now create the kind of submission forms Tom Burkholder (Chemistry) was able to create (at a cost of $0).  These forms have been of tremendous help to the committee and we are enduringly grateful to Tom for creating them and maintaining them.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to draw information directly from the "shadow catalogs" into the submission forms.  So if a course or program has been changed recently, Tom's forms will call up outdated information.  Don't let this bother you.  If you want to be sure that confusion is avoided, print out and attach to your submission form the version of your course/program as it occurs in the relevant "shadow catalog."  All changes approved by the Faculty Senate are changes to the "shadow catalog."

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