Major in Sociology, BA (39 credits)

The seven required core courses enable students to acquire fundamental analytical research skills and theoretical perspectives of the discipline.

Core (19-20 credits)

SOC 110Introductory Sociology3
SOC 210Sociology Inquiry3
SOC 212Race, Class, and Gender3
SOC 300Sociology Theory3
SOC 310Research Methods3
SOC 410Quantitative Analysis3

SOC 411Oral History for the Social Sciences3

SOC 412Qualitative Analysis3
SOC 413Community Research4
SOC 495Passages & Prospects1

and 19-21 credits of sociology electives (12 of which must be at the 300- and/or 400-level, and with no more than 6 credits at the 100-level).Students are also required to successfully complete STAT 215.

Students wishing to major in sociology are required to meet with the department chair to pick up introductory materials and information, as well as to be assigned a faculty advisor. Substantive areas of study should be developed in conjunction with the student's departmental advisor. Independent studies and internship opportunities are available to qualified majors. Eligible students are encouraged to participate in Alpha Kappa Delta, the International Sociology Honors Society.

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