Graduate Catalog 2010-12



Note: Additional work will be required for graduate credit in 400-level courses.

PHYS 425       Modern Physics                                                                                          3
Prereq.:  PHYS 305. Special theory of relativity; quantum aspects of matter and of electromagnetic radiation, Bohr model, nuclear structure, radioactivity. Irregular. 

PHYS 450       Advanced Laboratory                                                                                1
Prereq.:  PHYS 331, 425. A study of the 400 kV Van de Graaf accelerator, particle detection electronics, and a study of induced nuclear reactions. One three-hour laboratory per week. Irregular. 

PHYS 452       Independent Study in Physics                                                          1 TO 3
Prereq.:  Approved plan of study by arrangement with supervising instructor and approval of department chair. Special work in laboratory or theory to meet individual requirements in areas not covered by regular curriculum. May be taken more than one semester up to a limit of 6 credits. 

PHYS 460       Seminar in Physics                                                                                      1
Prereq.:  Senior standing. Through individual readings, discussions, and presentations, students will study contemporary topics in various fields of physics. Capstone requirement for all physics majors in the B.A. and B.S. non-teaching programs. Hours by arrangement. Spring. 

PHYS 470       Quantum Mechanics                                                                                   3
Prereq.:  PHYS 425. Limits of classical physics, wave packets and uncertainty, Schrodinger wave equation, eigenfunctions and eigenvalues, one-dimensional potentials, wave mechanics, operator methods. Irregular. 

PHYS 471       Quantum Mechanics II                                                                                3
Prereq.:  PHYS 470. Three-dimensional Schrodinger equation, angular momentum, radial equation, hydrogen atom, operator matrices and spin, addition of angular momentum, plus additional topics to be chosen by instructor. Irregular. 

PHYS 490       Topics in Physics                                                                                        3
Selected studies in physics which are not offered presently in the curriculum of the department. Course may be repeated for different topics. No topic may be taken for credit more than once. Irregular. 

PHYS 505       Mathematical Physics                                                                                 3
Prereq.:  Undergraduate physics minor; MATH 222. Introduction to basic mathematical methods of theoretical physics, such as linear algebra (matrices), vector analysis, partial differential equations, orthogonal functions, and complex variables presented with physical illustrations. Irregular.

PHYS 511       Classical Mechanics                                                                                    3
Prereq.:  PHYS 425 or permission of chair. Mechanics of continuous media, wave motion, special relativity, and introduction to Lagrange's and Hamilton's equations. Irregular.

PHYS 519       Advanced Topics in Physics                                                                      3
Prereq.:  Permission of instructor and student's advisor. Combination of lecture, discussion, and laboratory work. May be repeated more than once for credit under different topics. Irregular.

PHYS 542       Advanced Electricity & Magnetism                                                           3
Prereq.:  PHYS 425 or permission of chair. Field theory of electromagnetism. Magnetic fields of currents, magnetic materials, electromagnetic induction of Maxwell's equations. Irregular.

PHYS 598       Research in Physics                                                                                    3
Prereq.:  Admission to the MS program in natural sciences, and 15 credits in planned program of study, and permission of instructor. Student will conduct original research in physics including a literature review, project proposal, research presentation, and a report suitable for journal publication. On demand.

PHYS 599       Thesis                                                                                                           3
Prereq.: PHYS 598, permission of the advisor, and a 3.00 overall GPA. Preparation of the thesis under the supervision of the thesis advisor. Plans A, C, D, and E require completion of 18 credits for programs with 30-35 credits, or 24 credits for programs with greater than 35 credits, and a 3.00 overall GPA. On demand.




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