Re-Entry Admissions

Any student who was formerly matriculated at Central Connecticut State University and subsequently withdrew voluntarily or at the request of the University must request reactivation of his or her former file when seeking readmission to the University. A Reactivation Request form may be obtained from the office of Admissions, the Enrollment Center, or online at The student must be in good academic standing at CCSU, as outlined in this catalog, or the student must have been granted reinstatement on probation by the dean of the school the student is attempting to re-enter. Students on academic dismissal who are seeking reinstatement as a matriculated student should begin the process by meeting with a counselor from the office of Recruitment and Admissions. Normally a student must wait at least one semester before being considered for reinstatement.

For requirements concerning a previously declared major or minor that is no longer offered at the University, a similar choice may be available except for requirements and curriculum changes mandated by outside accrediting and certifying agencies. Additional course work may also be required by the department or area offering the major or minor as evidence of current knowledge of the discipline. Re-entering students should consult with the department chair or a designated advisor within their major to discuss such choices and changes.

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