Institute for the Study of Crime and Justice

The Institute for the Study of Crime and Justice (ISCJ) resides within the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the Carol A. Ammon School of Arts and Sciences and is operated by Department faculty.  The purpose of the ISCJ is to actualize the Department’s mission of creating and disseminating theoretical, scientific, and practical knowledge pertaining to crime and justice that will inform local, state, and federal criminal and juvenile justice policy.

The ISCJ engages in a variety of activities including program evaluation, risk assessment development, creation of evidence-based programs and interventions, survey research, staff training and development, and technical assistance.  The Criminology faculty represent various legal and social science disciplines that offer a broad range of knowledge, experience, and skills that support ISCJ initiatives.  The ISCJ also seek to actively engage both undergraduate and graduate students in research activities to facilitate the development of stronger analytical and communication skills.  Lastly, ISCJ seeks to inform the broader scientific community through scholarly publications and professional conference presentations.


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