University Ombudsperson

The University Ombudsperson serves as a prompt, impartial, and confidential resource designated by the president of CCSU to assist members of the campus community to resolve a problem or complaint quickly and properly. The Ombudsperson also helps the University to develop, implement, and maintain policies and procedures that equitably address the rights and responsibilities of everyone on campus. The University Ombudsperson can be a last resort, offering help when regular channels have failed, as well as an information resource, offering guidance for those who don't know where to begin. The Ombudsperson does not change grades, does not give legal advice, and does not offer psychological counseling. The Ombudsperson is not intended to replace existing University governance or appeal procedures but rather to improve communication regarding University operations and to enable members of the University community to protect their rights and have their concerns addressed in an efficient and effective manner. The office of the University Ombudsperson is located in Davidson Hall, Room 214 (860-832-2216).

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