School of Education & Professional Studies


Mitchell Sakofs, Dean
Elaine Wilson, Associate Dean
Anne E. Pautz, Assistant Dean
Mary Pat Bigley, Associate Counselor
Phone: 860-832-2100
Fax: 860-832-2109

The School of Education and Professional Studies (SEPS) is a professional school dedicated to the quality preparation of professionals in education and other human service settings. The school is an integral part of Central Connecticut State University's history and traditions, and our faculty embraces the University's mission to "encourage the development and application of knowledge and ideas through research and outreach activities."

The School of Education and Professional Studies is guided by the purpose of preparing professionals for service in our communities. Our programs provide students with a broad liberal arts foundation, in-depth content area preparation, and the professional education necessary to practice in their chosen field. These programs lead to a bachelor's degree in education, nursing, physical education and athletic training, and social work. In addition, the school has a number of programs that lead to Connecticut State Department of Education teacher certification.

Currently the School of Education and Professional Studies is organized into eight academic departments:

The Departments of Educational Leadership, Counseling and Family Therapy, Special Education, and Reading and Language Arts offer graduate programs only. Information about these departments and their graduate programs can be found in the graduate catalog. 


Undergraduate Degree Programs Without Teacher Certification

Three programs are offered that lead to a bachelor's degree, but do not include any type of teacher certification preparation. The Department of Physical Education and Human Performance offers a major in athletic training and an option in exercise science and health promotion. The Department of Nursing offers a major in nursing, and the Department of Social Work offers a major in social work.

Each of these programs has its own admission requirements. Students who are denied admission to the professional level may obtain a copy of the SEPS appeals process from the office of the dean.   


Professional Program for Teacher Certification

For information about the Professional Program for Teacher Certification, please see the links below:


Academic Departments

Information on individual academic departments and the programs offered by the School of Education & Professional Studies is available at the links listed below:

For information on the School of Education and Professional Studies Centers, click here.

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