Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Technology Education

TE 110      Technological Systems   3

A holistic perspective of technological systems and their impacts on social institutions.  Focus on human endeavors in the development, use and control of technology. Fall. Study Area II

TE 115      Electronic Portfolio Assessment     3

Construction of electronic portfolios to organize, display, and provide reflection of student's coursework and projects. Topics include portfolio design and construction methods, artifact selection, reflective practices, and implementation skills. Fall.  


TE 155      Integrating Engineering Concepts for K-8 Students     3

Prereq.:  TE 110 or TE 115. Development, implementation, and assessment of age-appropriate engineering-design activities that integrate studies of technology, science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics. Field experience required. Spring.  

TE 215      Materials Processing    3

Prereq.:  TC 115 and MFG 118. Concepts involved in the efficient processing of multiple materials. Appropriate hand tools and equipment are employed to demonstrate the relationship between materials, properties and processes. Attention is given to procedures common to a variety of manufactured products. Lecture/lab meets 5 hours per week. Fall.  

TE 221      Innovation & Invention  3

Prereq.:  TE 115 and MFG 121. Introduction to teaching engineering design (K-12). Focus on activities that lead to innovation and invention, problem identification, research methods, prototype development and presentation of results. Lecture/lab meets 5 hours per week. Spring.  

TE 245      Building Design & Construction      3

Prereq.:  TE 115 and MFG 121. Means used to design and construct buildings. Investigation of building codes, site work, wood frame, masonry, concrete and steel frame design and construction techniques. A residential structure design project is required. Lecture/lab meets 5 hours per week. Fall.  

TE 299      Technology & Engineering Education Practicum    3

Prereq.:  TE 115 and TE 155 or ET 241. Organization and management of technology exhibitions and competitions for middle- and high-school students. Focus on developing children's knowledge, abilities, and leadership through extracurricular and classroom activities. Field experience required. Fall.


TE 310      Communication Systems   3

Prereq.:  TE 115 and MFG 121. Application of graphic and electronic communication systems with focus on how the individualized components function together as a system. Research and lab activities include computer graphics, desktop publishing, video, and telecommunications. Lecture/Lab meets 5 hours per week.

TE 330      Transportation Design   3

Prereq.:  CET 223 and ET 241 and TE 215 and TE 221. Application of the systems which extend the means of transportation beyond the physical capability of the human body. Includes terrestrial, atmospheric, marine, and space transportation technologies and their social, environmental, and economic impact. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.

TE 399      Teaching Technology & Engineering (K-12) Teaching     3

Prereq.:  TE 155 or TE 299 and coreq.:  EDTE 314. Develops background for Technology Education student teaching and professionalism. Emphasis on the development, presentation, and evaluation of student-developed lessons and methods of student assessment, applied to Technology Education laboratories. Field experience required. Fall.

TE 400      Professional Practices and Responsibilities in Technology Education and Engineering Education (K-12)  3

Prereq.:  TE 399 and EDTE 314 and admission into the Professional Program. Coreq.:  EDSC 425. Professional course which stresses preparation for student teaching, or supervised teaching, and objectives, planning techniques, and problems of teaching technology education at the secondary, middle and elementary school levels. Required of all undergraduate majors in Technology Education, and post-baccalaureate students in the Technology Education certification program. Field hours required. Fall. [GR]

TE 417      Robot Design & Construction   3

Prereq.:  ET 241 and CET 223 and TE 215 and TE 221. Examines the use of robotics in education. Topics include robot applications in education, system development methodologies, project planning and scheduling, robot design and implementation, competitions, and educational resources. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.  


TE 428      Research and Experimentation  3

Prereq.:  Completion of 18 hours of CET, EMEC, MFG, GRT, or TE courses; for graduate students, permission of department chair. Planning, directing, and evaluating effective research procedures with emphasis on the application of research and experimentation to the teaching of technology education and its relationship to mathematics, science, and social studies. [GR]

TE 459      Elementary School Technology Education    3

Technology education activities suitable for elementary school. Integrating such activities with elementary curricula. Irregular. [GR]


TE 488      Independent Study in Technology Education 1 TO 3

Prereq.:  Senior or graduate standing and permission of instructor. Directed independent studies in technology education for students who wish to pursue specialized areas which are not covered in regular course offerings. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand. [GR]


TE 498      Technology & Engineering Education Senior Design Project    3

Prereq.:  ET 241 and CET 223 and TE 215 and TE 221 and senior standing. Team work or individual project of study, design and/or research a project related to technology education. Final reports submitted to the department for archiving. Oral presentations and electronic portfolio are required. Lecture/lab meets five hours per week.  

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