Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Engineering Technology—Mechanical/Manufacturing

ETM 256     Materials Science 3

Prereq.:  MATH 115 or 119 or 121 and CHEM 111 or CHEM 161 and 162 or CHEM 121. Analysis of the structure of and engineering properties of ceramic, metallic, polymeric, elastomeric, and composite materials with relation to design and processing. Fall.

ETM 260     Computer Aided Design and Integrated Manufacturing CAD/CAM/CIM    3

Introduction to solid modeling for design, drawing, assembly, mass property analysis and manufacturing operations on a CAD/CAM/CIM system. Emphasis is on computer hardware utilization for designing products. Lecture/Laboratory. Fall, Spring, Summer.

ETM 340     Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing      3

Prereq.:  MFG 121 or MFG 216 or permission of instructor. Interpretation, application, and verification of GDT aspects of engineering designs per the latest ANSI YI4.5. Calculations with tolerenced dimensions. Concepts of datums, material condition modifiers, functional gaging, fits, true position, combined tolerances, and runout. [I]

ETM 351     Mechanical Systems in Buildings     3

Prereq.:  MATH 115 and MATH 125: or MATH 119; or MATH 121; or permission of instructor. Overview of principles and applications of all basic mechanical systems in buildings such as HVAC, fire protection, and other auxiliary systems. Emphasis placed on the understanding of systems and governing codes and standards. Irregular.  

ETM 356     Materials Analysis      0 TO 3

Prereq.:  ENGR 251 or ET 251 or MFG 118 or permission of instructor. Study of composition, properties, and characteristics of metallic and non-metallic materials. Structure of materials, phase diagrams, and effects of environment on materials. Laboratory includes use of standard apparatus for materials testing. Fall.

ETM 358     Applied Thermodynamics  3

Prereq.:  CHEM 161 and 162; MATH 136 or 152; and PHYS 121 or 125. Application of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanic principles to thermal system design based on engineering fundamentals of conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer properties.

ETM 360     Computer Aided Planning (CAP) 3

Prereq.:  STAT 104; ET 240 or CS 213. Analysis of production problems using computers. Optimization of resources utilization, forecasting, scheduling and sequencing of activities, experience-based planning, inventory and maintenance planning for JIT environment, automated production, and project planning and analysis.  

ETM 367     Machine Design    3

Prereq.:  ET 252 and ET 357. Study of kinematics of gear trains and three- dimensional stress analysis of power transmission elements. Topics include fasteners, bearings, springs, permanent connection, stress concentrations, notch sensitivity, and failure prevention. Fall.

ETM 422     Computer Systems and Integration    3

Prereq.:  CET 113 or permission of instructor. Laboratory-based program solving course on the installation, configuration, and diagnostics of computer hardware and software, including operating systems, networks, hardware components, and integration. Emphasis on installing and trouble shooting computer systems. Irregular.  


ETM 423     Applied Feedback Control Systems    3

Prereq.:  MATH 136 or MATH 221 and CET 236. Applied study of dynamic mechatronic feedback control systems. Topics include modeling of dynamic systems, dynamic response, feedback mechanisms, digital control, and design methods. Spring.

ETM 454     Applied Heat Transfer   3

Prereq.:  ET 354 and ETM 358 or permission of instructor. The principles of conduction, convection, and thermal radiation energy transfer. Conduction through walls, pipes. Forced and free convection, heat exchanges, thermal radiation of energy between surfaces, and the overall transfer of heat. Irregular. [GR]

ETM 460     Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM)     3

Prereq.:  ETM 260 or permission of instructor. Applied parametric solid modeling for design, drawing, assembly, mass property analysis, and manufacturing tool path simulation utilizing integrated CAD/CAM software Emphasis on the design and manufacture of products. Lecture/laboratory. Irregular.  

ETM 461     Composites and Plastics Manufacturing Processes 3

Prereq.:  ETM 256 or ETM 356, CHEM 111 or CHEM 161 and CHEM 162 or CHEM 121. Analytical study of thermoplastic, thermoset, and polymer matrix composite materials, and the manufacturing processes utilized in the plastics and composites molding and fabrication industry. Lecture/laboratory. Spring. [GR]

ETM 462     Manufacturing Process Planning and Estimating   3

Prereq.:  MFG 121 and MFG 216 and ETM 340 or permission of instructor. Design and planning of production processes and operation sequence for discrete parts. Group Technology and Cellular Manufacturing. Tolerance analysis of parts and processes. Development of process plans, routings, operation sheets, and cost estimates for manufacturing operations. [GR]

ETM 463     Plastics and Composite Tool Design  3

Prereq.:  ETM 260 and ETM 461 or permission of instructor. Principles for design of molds and tooling for the production of plastic and composite products. Irregular.  

ETM 464     CAD Solid Modeling and Design 3

Prereq.:  ETM 260 and ETM 340; or permission of instructor. Computer-aided design and analysis of solid, surface, and sheet metal models emphasizing product design. Uses computer software for design, detailing, mass property analysis, dimensional standards, and family tables. Two hours of lecture and one two-hour laboratory per week. Spring. [GR]  

ETM 466     Design for Manufacture  3

Prereq.:  ETM 260 and ETM 340 or permission of instructor. Design principles and contemporary industrial practices for product realization. DFX and evaluation of designs. Integration of product functions with design and manufacturing process. Mistake proofing, design for manual, automated, and robotic assembly. Product liability issues. [GR]

ETM 467     CAE Applied Finite Element Analysis 3

Prereq.: ENGR 257 or ET 357 or permission of instructor. Application of the finite element method to structural engineering problems. Study of plane stress, plane strain, shell and continuum finite elements, mesh generation, proper element density and element interfacing, and composite modeling problems. Fall. [GR]  

ETM 468     Composite Design & Analysis   3

Prereq.:  ET 357;  and ETM 256 or ETM 356; or permission of instructor. Study of the design and analysis of composite structures using classical composite theory coupled with the finite element method. New methods of structural redesign using composite materials. Irregular.  

ETM 498     Engineering Technology Senior Project (Capstone)      3

Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Team work project to study, design, and/or research a project as engineering technologists. Final reports submitted to the department for archiving, and oral presentations are required. Project may originate from student, instructor, and/or industrial partner. Spring.  

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