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CSU AAUP University Research Grants                                     
 Submitted 2/1/08 Awarded 3/20/08
Meyer Alewitz     Art Research for the Mural Painting Handbook 5,000.00
James Arena     Chemistry Determination of Electrode Kinetic Parameters for Phenol Electrooxidation 5,000.00
Aram Ayalon     Teacher Education Case Studies of Advisory  Programs in Schools for Minority and Poor Students 1,880.00
Marsha Bednarski Kristine Larsen   Physics and Earth Sciences Assessing Immersive Full-dome Planetarium Technology in the Teaching of the Sun-Earth-Moon System to Elementary Students 7,563.00
Richard Benfield     Geography Saving the Cedars of Lebanon: Toward Sustainability and Profitability for a Biblical Heritage 2,065.00
David Blitz     Philosophy Bertrand Russell Audio-Visual Material and Web 2.0 Delivery 3,500.00
Mary Collins     English Book Project: American Idle: A Road Trip Through Our Sedentary Culture 4,540.00
Stephen Costanza     Criminology and Criminal Justice Examining potential effects of Weed and Seed Zoning on resident attitudes in New Britain, CT  through a combination of Mail-out Survey and Mapping Techniques 3,983.00
Guy Crundwell     Chemistry Reactivity of the Stable Thienyl-containing Palladium Organometallic Intermediates 3,735.00
Daniel D'Addio     Music Toward a Modern Edition of the Brass Chamber Music of Floriano Canale 5,000.00
Michael Davis     Biomolecular Sciences Investigation of Developing Antibiotic Resistance in the Human Bacterial Pathogen Propionibacterium acnes 3,500.00
Tiffany Doan     Biology Genetic Variation in Lizard Populations Throughout the Central Andes 2,500.00
Betsy Dobbs-McAuliffe Kathy Martin-Troy   Biomolecular Sciences Coordination of Cell Cycle Exit and Differentiation in Slow Muscle 9,670.00
Parker English     Philosophy Performative Speech Acts as Social Performance 1,250.00
Mark Evans     Physics and Earth Sciences Climate Change and Vegetation History in Northern Connecticut Recorded by Pollen Deposition at Lake Louise 5,000.00
Marianne Fallon     Psychology Statistical Learning in Young and Older Adults 1,885.00
Beth Frankel Merenstein     Sociology Explaining Local Immigration Policy: Case Histories form Connecticut 1,600.00
Neil Glagovich     Chemistry Synthesis of x-Helin Mimics to serve as potential Anti-Cancer agents 4,998.00
Ivan Gotchev     Mathematical Sciences On a Weaker Form of Locke's Conjecture 1,250.00
Sylvia Halkin     Biology Theft Deterrence by Food-Caching Eastern Gray Squirrels 3,500.00
Heidi Hartwig     English Engaging Performances: Modernism, Theatricality, Poetry 1,493.00
Tom Hazuka     English Exile in Gringolandia 3,500.00
Ze He     Chemistry Cloning, Expression, Purification, and Mechanistic Analysis of PhzE, a Novel Chorismate-Utilizing Enzyme 5,000.00
Barry Hoopengardner     Biomolecular Sciences RNA editing in Cnidarians and Molluscs 5,000.00
A. Pablo Iannone     Philosophy Between Reality and Fantasy: Essays on Philosophy and Literature 1,500.00
Mark Jackson     Biology Computational Modeling and Neurophysiology of Neural Oscillations 2,813.00
Jeremiah Jarrett     Biology Geographic Variation in Induced Defense of a California Barnacle 1,980.00
Carol Jones     Chemistry Environmental Endocrine Disruptors: Metabolism and Mechanisms of Action in Mammalian Cells 4,000.00
Martin Kapper     Biomolecular Sciences Changes in the Subcellular Localization of Aquaporin Water Channels During Salinity Adaptation in an Esturarine Bivalve 3,080.00
Julia Kara-Soteriou     Reading and Language Arts New Literacies in the Elementary Classrooms in Connecticut 3,750.00
Thomas King     Biomolecular Sciences Determining the Molecular Basis of the Mouse Frizzy Mutation by a Positional-Candidate Approach 3,500.00
Peter Kyem     Geography Public Conflicts, Resolution and GIS 4,400.00
Paloma Lapuerta     Modern Languages Barcelona in its Literature: Between Tradition and Modernity 2,400.00
Penelope Lisi     Educational Leadership Implementation of Accountability Mandates in Iceland Schools: Dimensions of Leadership that Contribute to Teacher Empowerment 4,950.00
Mary Ann Mahony     History Color, Class, and Cacao:  Social Mobility in a Brazilian Agricultural Region, 1850-1920 3,500.00
Cora Marshall     Art Going, Going, Gone: Running from Slavery towards Freedom. A Painting Series Inspired by Advertisements  for the Capture of Runaways 4,850.00
Gustavo Mejia     Modern Languages Heritage Language Learners of Spanish and Their Communities: Approaches to Teaching 4,000.00
Charles Menoche     Music 100% Pre-fabricated Music: Using Pre-existing Electro-acoustic Music to Create a New Musical Work 4,344.00
Norton Mezvinsky     History The War on Terrorism: Where Do We Stand? 5,000.00
Margaret Mitchell     Management and Organization Voluntary Participation in employer-provided health insurance programs:  Benefit or Problem? 3,743.00
John Mitrano     Sociology Collective Identity in Isolation?: The Case of Route 66, "Rock Graffiti", and the Mojave Desert 1,154.00
Daniel Mulcahy     Teacher Education Exploring New Possibilities in Liberal Education 2,000.00
James Mulrooney     Biomolecular Sciences B3 Integrin and Nectins-New Roles in Cell-Cell Adhesions 3,750.00
Ki-Tai Pae     Economics Climate Change Mitigation through Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies 2,500.00
Clayton Penniman     Biology A Decadal Reassessment of Water Quality in the Lieutenant River/Rogers Lake Watershed in Lyme and Old Lyme, CT 3,750.00
Oscar Perdomo Nelson Castaneda   Mathematical Sciences Algebraic Minimal Hypersurfaces of Spheres 1,500.00
Cynthia Pope     Geography Gender and Political Transition in Havana: Perceptions of and Responses to Systematic Changes in Cuba 3,750.00
Aimee Pozorski     English "The Soldier Dreams of Home": James Baldwin's Letters to David Moses, 1971-1983 1,616.00
Heather Prescott     History History of Emergency Contraception 2,000.00
Ellen Retelle     Educational Leadership Social Justice and School Leadership in Connecticut Public Schools 5,000.00
Karen Ritzenhoff     Communication The Frozen Family: Emotional Dysfunction and Consumer Society in Michael Haneke's Own Re-make "Funny Games" (2007) 4,950.00
Ruth Rollin     Biology Kidney function in mutant hairless rats and normal Sprague Dawley rats 1,815.00
Krishna Saha     Mathematical Sciences Testing the Homogeneity of the Means of Several Groups of Count Data in the Presence of Unequal Dispersions 2,500.00
Rae Schipke     English The New Britain Police Academy Literacy Project 3,141.00
Tatiana Serebriakova     Geography Mapping Demographic and Health Problems in Population in Tyumen Region, Russia 1,440.00
Ravi Shankar David Capella   English Producing DrunkenBoat.com, International Online Journal of the Arts 10,000.00
Nimmi Sharma     Physics and Earth Sciences Design and Development of Tools for Analysis of Remote Sensing Data 2,000.00
Xiaoping Shen     Geography The Rise and Spatial Clustering of Cultural Industries in China 5,000.00
Barry Sponder Farough Abed   Educational Leadership The Development of a Model for Using Constructivist Technologies in the Classroom 1,500.00
Katherine Sugg     English Archives and Affects: Framing Comparative Studies in the Hemisphere 2,600.00
David Truly     Geography International Retirement Migration to Mexico and Panama 1,290.00
Linda Wagner     Nursing Transition of Chronic Illness: A Metasynthesis 1,800.00
Bradley Waite     Psychology The Impact of Fantasy and Cartoon Violence, Blood and Gore in Video Games: Does Realism Matter? 4,935.00
Cheryl Watson     Biomolecular Sciences Exocytosis of Serotonin Filled Vesicles by Astrocytes 3,676.00
Stephen Watton     Chemistry Conversion of Biodiesel to Biogasoline 5,000.00
Kenneth Weiss     Reading and Language Arts An Investigation of Pre-service and Post-baccalaureate Content Area Reading Teachers' Information and Training in Teaching Higher Levels of Language and Literacy": PHASE II 5,000.00
Barry Westcott     Chemistry Where are the f-ionizations? 3,750.00
Daniel Wiener     Counseling and Family Therapy Effects of Training in Use of Status Maneuvers on Clinical Performance of Marriage and Family Therapist Trainees 2,000.00
Louise Williams     History "Meeting Our Own Image": Nationalism, Gender, and the Cosmopolitan Culture of Fine Art in the British Empire, 1900-1920 5,000.00
Michael Wizevich     Physics and Earth Sciences Structural, Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Study of Cretaceous Normal Faults and Syntectonic Sediments in the Kaiparowits Basin Region, Southern Utah 2,475.00
Robert Wolff     History The Making of an Abolitionist Cause: The Amistad Captives, 1839-1842 4,989.00
    Total 252,103.00
    Total Proposals Submitted 82
    Total Proposal Awarded  71
    Total Dollars Requested $380,872.00
    Total Dollars Awarded $252,103.00


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