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Master of Science in Physical Education

Two plans are offered in Physical Education: Plan A includes a thesis; Plan B includes a written comprehensive examination. Both plans require at least 30 credits of graduate study.

MS students complete courses in four areas: General Education (3-6 credits of courses other than Education or Physical Education as approved by the faculty adviser); Professional Education (3-6 cr. of Education courses other than Physical Education as approved by the faculty adviser, including either EDF 500, 516, 524, 525, 538 or 583); Specialization (15-18 cr. of department offerings as approved by the faculty adviser); and Research including PE 598, Research in Physical Education as a requirement for all plans, and for Plan A only, PE 599, Thesis in Physical Education.



Physical Education with Specialization in Exercise Science M.S. (30 credits)


Program Rationale:
Graduates of the MS in Physical Education with a specialization in Exercise Science are expected to gain/enhance knowledge and applied skills needed for the professions of certified (State of Connecticut licensed) athletic trainers, certified strength and conditioning specialists, and certified health fitness specialists. An undergraduate program in exercise science or related field is preferred for admission to the master’s degree program. This undergraduate program should be the equivalent of the undergraduate program in exercise science at CCSU.


Program Learning Outcomes:
Students in the program are expected to:

• interpret and determine appropriate application of any one or combination of the following theories to their professions: biomechanical, physiological, psychological, and sociological
• read and interpret research and apply significant findings to their professions


Admissions Requirements:
Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education.  Applicants must also have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.70, preferably a 3.00 on a 4.00 point scales (where A is 4.00). 

The admissions application, application fee, and official transcripts from each college and university attended (except Central Connecticut State University) must be submitted to the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office. Additionally, a letter of application and two academic letters of recommendation must be submitted for admissions. A word-processed letter of application must demonstrate a command of the English language and include detailed reasons for wishing to pursue graduate study in exercise science. At least one of the two academic letters of recommendation must come from a former instructor who can attest to the applicant's preparedness for graduate study in exercise science. An interview with exercise science graduate faculty will be required for admissions. 

Application deadlines for the MS in Physical Education with a specialization in Exercise Science include: 

Fall Semester - Deadline is May 1
Spring Semester - Deadline is November 1 
Summer Term - Deadline is March 1

Application deadline for summer cohorts is March 1 of even numbered years (March 1, 2014 for the 2014 cohort; etc.). New cohorts begin during summer session of even years.  

CORE COURSES ………………………....……………………. 18-21 Credits

NOTE: All students must take a minimum of 15 credits from the Exercise Science category

ELECTIVES …………………………....……………………….. 3-6 Credits

NOTE: Courses other than Core Courses as approved by faculty advisor


EXS 507   Sociological Foundations of Sport and Exercise    3     Spring odd years      
EXS 515 Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology Spring even years
EXS 516 Foundations of Leadership for Sport and Exercise    3 Fall odd years


 Exercise Science

EXS 519   Sport Biomechanics  3    Fall even years         
EXS 523 Essentials of Sports Performance Training   3  Summer odd years
EXS 530 Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport Performance    3 Summer even years
EXS 590 Independent Study/Topics in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine   3  Irregular

Note: Either PE 590 and/or EXS 590 may be taken for a maximum of 6 credits 


EXS 592 Advanced Physiology of Sport and Exercise I     3   Fall odd years              
EXS 593 Advanced Physiology of Sport and Exercise II  3 Spring even years



RESEARCH …………………………………………..............….. 6-9 Credits


*PE 597 Research in Physical Education and Exercise Science I        3   Fall

     (Students must take before successful completion of 12 credit hours)  


*PE 598 Research in Physical Education and Exercise Science II     Spring

     (Students must take before successful completion of 24 credits hours)

     *Note: Students must take PE 597 and PE 598

PE 599 Thesis      3    Irregular; PLAN A ONLY 






 Note: No more than 9 credits at the 400 level, as approved by the graduate advisor, may be counted toward the graduate planned program of study.



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