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SOC 110 Introductory Sociology 3
Major theoretical models and research methodologies used by sociologists in examining the institutions of societies and everyday lives of individuals. Topics include social stratification, ethnic relations, race, poverty, gender roles, aging, the family, population and urban/suburban communities. CSUS Common Course. Study Area III

SOC 111 Social Problems 3
Conditions or patterns of behavior that are considered to be harmful to society or its members, about which it is considered that something should be done. Included as possible topics are sexism, physical and mental health, drug and alcohol abuse, sexuality, inequality, discrimination, environmental problems and abuses of power. Study Area III


SOC 212 Race, Class, and Gender 3
Sociological definition of race, class, and gender, at academic and experiential levels; the interrelationship of these social characteristics as they affect individual consciousness, group interaction, and access to institutional power and privileges in the United States. Study Area III

SOC 232 City and Suburban Life 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examination of the development of preindustrial cities and how they differ from modern urban areas. Research on differences between suburban and urban life will be explored as well as contrasting lifestyles which coexist within urban areas. Post-World War II policies which helped to lead to many of today's problems will be identified and discussed. Irregular.

SOC 233 The Family 3
The family in its social context, including cross-cultural perspectives and theories of family structure and change. The contemporary American family and its emerging alternatives will be studied, with special reference to the family life cycle and current issues in family studies. Study Area III

SOC 234 The Social Construction of Self and Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Symbolic interactionism and social constructionist theories are used to explore the making of meanings and identities by individuals, groups and institutions, and the influence of these constructions on society. Irregular.

SOC 240 The Sociology of Gender 3
Gender as biology, social learning, social organization, and social structure. The gendered nature of friendships, sexuality, conversation, power, and violence. Interpersonal/institutional sexism as it affects women and men. Issues of inequalities in work, education, politics, and health. Women's and men's movements. Cross listed with WGSS 240. No credit given to students with credit for WS 240 or WGSS 240. Irregular. Study Area III


SOC 300 Sociological Theory 4
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 6 additional credits in Sociology. Sociology majors only. Examines the dominant theoretical perspectives in sociology, which includes consideration of the works of Marx, Weber, Durkheim and selected other theorists within their historical context. Discussion of the role of theory in producing sociological explanations. Writing Intensive Course.

SOC 310 Research Methods 4
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 6 additional credits in Sociology. Sociology majors only. Examines scientific method as used in sociology. Topics include inductive and deductive reasoning, quantitative and qualitative research designs, measurement, sampling, methods of data collection, and analysis strategies. Students will design a research project, collect and analyze data, and summarize their findings.

SOC 312 Class, Power, and Status 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examines theories and forms of class inequality and social stratification. Assesses the consequences of class and status inequality on prospects for social change, the degree of political influence, institutional structures, opportunities for mobility, and life chances. Irregular.

SOC 322 Race and Ethnic Relations 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examines the social forces and structures that privilege one racial/ethnic group over another and the cultural dynamics that perpetuate and make these arrangements possible. Particular attention will be given to the historical and social construction of race and ethnicity. Cross listed with AMS 322 and LTN 322. No credit given to students with credit for AMS 322 or LTN 322. Irregular.

SOC 333 Culture and Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examines social processes shaping the production and reception of cultural objects. Considers the impact of cultural meanings with a particular focus on the role of cultural capital, symbolic boundaries and power struggles. Substantive topics may include music, literature, food, technology, art, and popular culture. On demand.

SOC 336 Deviance and Social Control 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Investigates the production and enforcement of the boundaries between social forms that are deemed normal, acceptable, good, healthy, moral, and/or natural and those that are considered deviant, bad, sick, evil and/or unnatural. Approached the study of topics in deviance and control through an engagement with a number of theoretical and historical perspectives on deviance. Irregular.

SOC 340 Aging in American Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Analysis of demographic changes, role shifts, age stereotyping, institutionalization, and their implications for the treatment and status of the elderly. Exploration of the processes of aging in the later years and the impact of the same on people's lives. Irregular.

SOC 350 Gay & Lesbian Communities 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examines the history and structure of American gay and lesbian communities. Questions the social forces that have contributed to the formation, growth and consequences of such communities. Topics such as the gay and lesbian civil rights movement, the role of organizations and the development of gay and lesbian identity are addressed. Irregular.

SOC 355 The Culture and Politics of Food 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Introduction to the sociology of food. Examines the cultural meanings of food as well as the production, preparation, and consumption of food.Focuses on the Industrial Food Complex. Explores the health, environmental and ethical problems related to food industries, some alternative food movements, and the globalization of food. Irregular.

SOC 399 Sociology Book Club 1
Prereq.: SOC 110 or SOC 212 or permission of instructor. Designed like a book club, the purpose of the course is to enjoy and enhance the experience of reading. Students will choose the books.



SOC 400 Topics in Social Theory 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Selected topics in social theory. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand.

SOC 410 Quantitative Analysis 4
Prereq.: SOC 310, STAT 215. Analysis of quantitative data using computer applications to test hypotheses and to complete a research project. Three hours class lectures and one-on-one work to develop and refine a research project. On demand.

SOC 411 Oral History for the Social Sciences 4
Prereq.: SOC 310 or HIST 301 or ANTH 374 or permission of instructor. Examination of oral history as a social science methodological approach. Emphasis on the collection, transcription, analysis, archiving, indexing, and dissemination of primary data. Students will write a final research report. Graduate students will be required to find a repository for their research project as approved by the instructor of the course. Three hours class lectures and one-on-one work to develop and refine a research project. Irregular. [GR]

SOC 412 Qualitative Analysis 4
Prereq.: SOC 310. Intensive exposure to participant observation, in-depth interviewing, and content analysis. Emphasis on the collection, coding, and interpretation of primary data. Additional focus on the ethics and politics of qualitative research designs. Students will write a final research report. Three hours class lectures and one-on-one work to develop and refine a research project.

SOC 413 Community Research 4
Prereq.: SOC 310. Coreq.: SOC 477. Students design and carry out a community research project, including meeting with research subjects off campus. Taken concurrently with SOC 477. May include the collection and analysis of quantitative and/or qualitative data. May not be repeated. Irregular.

SOC 422 Sociology of Immigration 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Explores the sociological dynamics of coming to the U.S. and changing it. Includes such issues as undocumented immigration, the impact of immigration on the economy, and questions of assimilation. Cross-listed with LTN 422. No credit may be received by students who have received credit for LTN 422. Irregular.

SOC 424 Genocide and the Modern World 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Genocide, mass murder, and ethnic cleansing have been a defining feature of the 20th century. Explores the causes and varieties of genocide, as well as the responses of the international community. Irregular. [I]

SOC 425 Information, Images, and Inequality 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Examination of the new forms of property, value, social control, identity formation, social relations and class inequities that have emerged with the information age and the electronic marketplace. Presents a political economy of virtual reality. Irregular.

SOC 426 Sociology of Revolution 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and three additional credits in Sociology Examines major theoretical perspectives used by sociologists to interpret and explain revolutions. Emphasis on Bourgeois, socialist, nationalist, populist, and post-modern revolutions. [I]

SOC 427 American Poverty and Social Welfare 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Overview of how poverty is measured and understood, and how it has changed over time. Explores the emergence and development of the American welfare state. Irregular.

SOC 428 Globalization and its Discontents 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Exposes students to the political, cultural, and economic processes of globalization. Social consequences of globalization are examined, including it impact on the state, production, and the movement of people. Irregular. [I]

SOC 429 Animals and Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Using Symbolic Interaction as the main theoretical perspective, this course explores the social relationship between humans and animals and examines the social meanings which shape the role and status of animals in society. Irregular.

SOC 430 Schools, Education and Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in sociology. Examines the role of educational institutions with a particular focus on social processes that create, reproduce, or alleviate various social inequalities. Some of the following topics may be covered: relations between communities and schools; effects of government control and privatization; and interactions between individuals in schooling contexts. Irregular.

SOC 433 Independent Studies in Sociology 1 TO 3
Advanced study and projects in sociology of special interest to students under the supervision of one or more department members. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits. On demand. [GR]

SOC 440 Death and Dying: Sociological Implications 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Different cultural, social, and historical perspectives on death and their impact on social roles and institutional change. Problems faced by the health care profession in meeting the needs of the terminally ill and the bereaved. Student will be required to have a field experience with a terminally ill patient and/or bereaved family. Irregular.

SOC 444 Sport and Play in Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Examines the institution of sport from the social, political, economic, and cultural perspectives. Substantive topics include sexism and racism in sport, sport and the mass media, deviance in sport, sport and social mobility, and the relationship of sport with religious, political, and economic structures. Irregular.

SOC 445 Social Construction of Sexuality 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Explores how sexuality is constructed in American culture in the 21st century. Criticizes common assumptions that naturalize sex and sexuality to investigate complex and changing social contexts of sexualities. Irregular.

SOC 452 Organizations, Occupations, and Work 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Systematic study of large scale, bureaucratic organizations with emphasis on relations among the organization's members, the organization as a social entity and its social and physical environment. Irregular. [GR]

SOC 455 Men, Masculinity, & Manhood in American Society 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Overview of men's studies with an emphasis on historical conceptualizations of masculinity and masculine identity and its social construction. Special topics to be covered include men's socialization; men and relationships, sex, and friendships; men and power/violence; fatherhood; and depictions of men in the mass media. Irregular.

SOC 460 Social Movements and Collective Action 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Goals, composition, and impact of collective efforts to address an injustice or achieve social change are considered in historical and cultural context. Emphasis on recent American movements in opposition to government policies, established elites, and dominant cultural norms, such as the Civil Rights Movement, the women's movements, the peace movement, and the environmental movement. Irregular.

SOC 466 Gas, Food, and Lodging 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 credits in Sociology. Few technological changes have reshaped our society as rapidly and completely as the automobile has during the last century. This course examines the social influence of the automobile on identity, geography, the environment, community culture, work, and the family. Irregular.

SOC 477 Community Research Topics 4
Prereq.: SOC 310. Coreq.: SOC 413. Indepth review of sociological literature and examination of community interests and viewpoints related to the community research project undertaken in SOC 413 (taken concurrently). Includes meeting with community members and stakeholders off campus. May not be repeated. Irregular.

SOC 478 Current Topics in Sociology 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Analysis and evaluation of special topics in the field of sociology. Not a seminar. May be repeated with different topics. Irregular.

SOC 480 The Polish-American Immigrant and Ethnic Communities 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 or SOC 212 or HIST 301 or permission of instructor. Explores the processes of migration and resettlement of Polish immigrants and their descendants in America with a focus on economic, political and social factors. Cross-listed with HIST 482; no credit given to students with credit for HIST 482. Irregular. [GR]

SOC 482 The Social Experiences of HIV/AIDS 3
Prereq.: SOC 110 and 3 additional credits in Sociology. Examines global and U.S. experiences of the HIV/AIDS epidemic from a sociological perspective. Explores the social forces that determine the social construction, distribution and experience of the epidemic. Considers the impact on, and response to the epidemic by, communities and cultures worldwide. Irregular.

SOC 484 Sociology of Music 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examines the ways in which people use music to define social rituals, build collective identities, and make meaning of our everyday lives. Emphasized how music relates to core sociological concepts, including norms, power, inequality, and social change. Irregular.

SOC 485 Ads, Fads, and Consumer Culture 3
Prereq.: SOC 110. Examination of the socio-cultural causes and consequences of consumption and consumer behavior including socially constructed motives, meanings, and outcomes of shopping, and the role of advertising and market research. Irregular.

SOC 490 Community Intern Experience and Seminar 4
Prereq.: Sociology major with 2.70 GPA or higher and at least 15 credits in Sociology. An internship application and two letters of recommendation subject to review and approval by the instructor. Accepted students are assigned to work in either a profit or a nonprofit community based organization for 8 to 10 hours per week and attend a once weekly seminar to discuss assigned readings and research projects related to internship placement. Spring.

SOC 491 Intern Seminar and Research 3
Prereq.: Sociology major with 2.70 GPA or higher and two letters of recommendation addressing academic ability and maturity. Taken concurrently with SOC 490. Assigned readings and research projects related to work assignment of SOC 490. Spring.

SOC 494 Sociological Field Studies Abroad 3
Classroom and study abroad exploring sociological topics from any world region. Involves travel outside the United States. May be taken under different topics for up to 9 credits. Irregular. [I]

SOC 495 Passages & Prospects 1
Prereq.: 27 credits in Sociology or permission of department chair. Capstone seminar examines sociologists in American society and influence of the discipline on social policy. Student portfolio review explores academic achievements, sociological understanding and career alternatives.

SOC 499 Senior Seminar in Sociology 4
Prereq.: SOC 300; either SOC 410, 411, 412, or 413; and 16 additional credits in Sociology. This capstone course for majors provides students with a structured environment in which to complete an independent research project. Students will engage in peer workshops, and reflect upon the knowledge they have acquired in the discipline while honing their research and communication skills.

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