Human Studies Council


New Submissions

If you plan to submit your research to the Human Studies Council for review, a submission is comprised of a completed Initial Submission Form sent as a single attachment to  For a form to be considered a complete submission, all required attachments and requested protocol information must be included. Please refer to the submission checklist at the end of the Initial Submission Form for further information as to what is required. Detailed guidance and sample documents are also available under the "Samples and Guidelines" tab to assist you with the submission process. Please allow at least two weeks for initial processing of all HSC submissions.

Upon submission you will receive a confirmation e-mail from acknowledging receipt of your form. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail that is sent to all investigators within two weeks of submission, please e-mail for follow-up.

Please note that all primary investigators must include certification to document completion of an ethics training program. For researchers who have not already completed an ethics training program, please refer to the tab "NIH Certification & Ethics Tutorial" for more information and for the link to the NIH ethics tutorial.

If you are a student researcher, your HSC submission must be prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor, and final drafts must be sent to the faculty advisor for review and submission. The HSC does not accept submissions directly from students.

If you are unsure whether or not your research should be submitted to the HSC for review, please consult this chart to help you make your determination.

If you have any remaining questions that are not addressed on our website, please email your question to, and we will respond to you with an answer as quickly as we can!