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MA - Public History

Who Are Public Historians?

Public historians are front-line interpreters bringing historical knowledge to a broad public audience beyond the traditional academic classroom.  Working in such varied institutions as museums, government agencies and heritage destination sites, public historians expand on the research skills and content knowledge of traditionally trained historians to incorporate new sources of historical evidence such as oral history and material culture.

How Are Public Historians Trained at CCSU?

The CCSU M.A. Program in Public History combines traditional academic coursework, job-specific skills and field-based experience to prepare students for work in museums, historical societies, local and community history and historic sites. These careers offer outstanding opportunities for preserving, interpreting and researching the past. Many of our students are also professional educators who use their degree to energize their classroom teaching, while others are dedicated amateur historians committed to exploring their communities’ stories. 

With CCSU’s central location in New Britain, the Public History program utilizes Connecticut as its field lab, drawing on the state’s wealth of museums, historical societies, archives and historic sites. CCSU maintains institutional affiliations with multiple local, state, and national organizations.

Students may also design specialized programs in such areas as public policy, documentary filmmaking, archives, museum administration and historic preservation.  If you interested in this option please contact the Public History Coordinator prior to application.

Who Should Apply?

The program welcomes both recent college graduates and nontraditional students seeking to enter the public history field. We have both full-time and part-time students enrolled in the program. Full-time students can complete the degree in two years. Many public history students also pursue the degree on a part-time basis and evening classes allow them to combine work and school. Admission to the program usually requires a B.A. in history or a related field. Prospective students who do not meet this requirement, however, should consult with the program director to learn of alternative routes.

For admission requirements and application materials see the Graduate Studies website. Be sure to click on the link for Additional Admission Materials.

For more information contact:

Dr. Leah S. Glaser
Public History Program Coordinator