Cancellation/Delay Information

Cancellation/Delay Information


Due to the snowstorm, the University will remain closed on Tuesday, January 27. All day and evening classes are cancelled. Staff designated as “essential,” however, should report for duty at regularly scheduled time.

Once it is determined that the campus is accessible, Wednesday’s status will be announced on the CCSU Storm Phone (860-832-3333), University website, and regular media channels.

The residence halls will remain open during this period and food services will continue to operate on a limited schedule.

The Student Center will be closed all day Tuesday. Hours for the Student Center for Wednesday will be announced when more is known about conditions after the storm.

 CCSU Storm Phone: 860-832-3333

During storm conditions, this page will be updated as warranted.
More information about class cancellations and other weather-related closings.

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