The Ruth Boyea Women's Center


CCSU Women's Organizations

The Center firmly believes that women working together can achieve fantastic results. We work closely with other women's organizations on campus. A speaker series in the form of brown-bag lunches is co-sponsored with the Women's Studies Program. "Telling Her Story," a series of autobiographical talks by women and dedicated men in the CCSU community, is held regularly. This series provides role models and allows people to get to know each other in a formal setting. "Telling Her Story" is alternated with Women's Studies lectures presented by scholars from CCSU and other colleges and universities. The Center also collaborates with the Committee on the Concerns of Women and student groups. Women's History Month is a joint effort. Timely programs on topics such as Financial Management, Judicial Programs for Girls, Women's Health, and Women and Sports have been offered. Dialogues between different groups of women, such as Straight, Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Black and White Women have been well received.