Athletic Training Program


 Athletic Training Facility Policies

  • The athletic training facility is neither a lounge nor a meeting room; athletes must be there for taping, evaluation, rehabilitation, or to speak to a member of the athletic training staff.

  • The athletic training facility should be treated as a medical facility - please do not bring in personal items such as cell phones, electronic devices, headphones, electronic games, book bags, gym bags, food, drinks, and athletic equipment.

  • Student-athletes are expected to treat all members of the athletic training staff, including the athletic training students, with the same respect that they have for their coaches. Improper language and immature behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Athletes must shower and wear clean athletic clothing when receiving evaluation, treatment, or rehabilitation in the athletic training facility.

  • Proper athletic department issued attire must be worn in the athletic training facility – gym shorts (no spandex) and t-shirts with sleeves (no sport bras or tank tops).

  • Athletes who require taping will be placed on a rehabilitation program.

  • Routine taping and wrapping will only be performed in the athletic training facility - not at the game fields or gymnasium.

  • Out-of-season athletes must avoid treatments and rehabilitation between the hours of 2:00 - 4:00 PM. This time is reserved for in-season athletes.

  • Never wear cleats in the athletic training facility.

  • Tape will not be provided for holding up socks, clothing, or for spatting cleats – We do not provide tape for taping over your shoes or cleats. Therefore, DO NOT ask an athletic trainer to apply tape over your cleats.

  • Scissors will not be given to cut uniforms or practice gear.

  • Athletes will be signed out for special devices and protective equipment.

  • Elastic bandages and ankle wraps must be returned to the athletic training facility immediately after practice.

  • Do not use the athletic training facility phones or enter the staff offices, the physician's room, or storage room without permission.

  • Do not remove anything from the athletic training facility without first getting permission from the athletic training staff.