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MindFire Press:
The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled. ~Plutarch

MindFire Press was founded in 2006 to provide resources for lifelong learning. MindFire Press offers many different types of products including articles, courses, books, seminars and reports for doctoral students. Click here for the MindFire Press home page

The next five articles discuss the dissertation process, and include such topics such as critical thinking, research methods, and scholarly writing. Check the MindFire Press web site for more articles and information.

MindFire Press Recommended Books:
1. Student to Scholar: The Guide for Doctoral Studentsby Robert Levasseur, Ph.D.

This book includes examples and pointers on managing the dissertation process, creating a high-quality dissertation, and higher order doctoral skills. Click on the link below for more information.


2. Dissertation Research: An Integrative Approachby Robert Levasseur, Ph.D.

This book builds on the ideas and insights provided in Student to Scholar. It focuses on the research process and provides the details necessary to successfully accomplish this capstone project. Click on the link below for excerpts and information.