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MINUTES - Friday, October 15, 2004

Present:  C. Taggart (Chair), R. Hurley, A. Taitague, K. Crowe, K. Carpino, S. Sweeney, D. Lynch, G. Gigliotti, R. Bachoo, M. Toston, T. Johnson, O. Mamed

Guest:  K. Poirier

Ms. Taggart called the meeting to order at 1:05 p.m.  She welcomed all and requested introductions for new or first time members.

MOTION (K. Crowe/K. Carpino)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-15 

To ratify Tracey-Ann Johnson as one of the two SGA representatives to the SUBOG for 04-05.

Motion Passed:     9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

MOTION (K. Carpino/R. Hurley)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-16 

To accept the minutes of the previous board meeting, as amended, to show Amanda Augeri as the Student Services Committee Chair.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       1-Abstained

CAN Report

Ms. Carpino reported that the President of CAN will be resigning as of November 1 and the Community Central Coordinator will be resigning as of October 15, 2004.  Refilling the positions is a top priority.  She reported that the CAN Training / Retreat was well received and well attended.  NACA Regional Conference is approaching and applications for attendance from all members are being accepted.  Upcoming events include The Warrens (Oct 31) and The Circus (Oct 27).

Mosaic Report

Ms. Crowe reported that Mosaic is preparing for its first event, “American Voices” (Nov 9).  Finishing touches are being put on the “My Shoes” publication.  Recruiting members is a priority.  Planning future efforts include Mosaic Lens Contest, a possible showing of “The Passion of Christ,” a newsletter, possible speakers and maybe hosting a conference in the spring semester.

Budget Committee

Mr. Hurley reported that the committee is planning to lay out guidelines for use of the SBG900 account funds.  Until then, use will be guided by precedent.  He is looking for SA/LD and SC accounting to provide reports on spending as approved by the Board last year for reference and building these guidelines. 

Mr. Hurley noted with excitement the upcoming Association of College Unions International Region 1 Conference which is being hosted by The Student Center this year.  In support of this effort, the Budget Committee offers these motions:

MOTION (R. Hurley/S. Sweeney)                                                                    SUBOG 2004-17  

To spend up to $750 for refreshments during the long afternoon education sessions prior to the late evening meal from SBG900.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

MOTION (R. Hurley/K. Carpino)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-18  

To fund up to $500 from SBG900 for refreshments for participants at the evening social that is also open to CCSU students.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


MOTION (R. Hurley/K. Crowe)                                                                       SUBOG 2004-19

To spend $100 from SBG900 on four items not exceeding $25 each to support the ACUI Swap Shop that is a student scholarship fundraiser for Region 1. 

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

Mr. Hurley noted that SUBOG normally funds about six students to attend this conference and that due to the conference being hosted by CCSU there would be no travel or hotel costs this year.  The committee recommends the benefits of sending more students this year.

MOTION (R. Hurley/K. Carpino)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-20  

To fund up to 12 students to attend the ACUI Region 1 Conference not to exceed $2,000 from SBG900.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

There was discussion on how students applied for and were chosen for attendance to this conference.  There is a process which was followed and the selection process has been completed.

MOTION (R. Hurley/K. Carpino)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-21

To fund up to $300 from SBG900 for commuter outreach programs this year by The Student Center that will include refreshments and promotional items at the information booth.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

MOTION (R. Hurley/S. Sweeney)                                                                    SUBOG 2004-22  

To fund up to $870 from SBG900 for support and advertising the award winning CCSU Blood Drives (3) this year, with the first one being from November 1 – 3, 2004.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained

MOTION (R. Hurley/A. Taitague)                                                                   SUBOG 2004-23  

To fund the student Holiday Social and spring SUBOG Student Recognition Programs for volunteers and student staff of both SA/LD and The Student Center from SBG900 up to $3,500.

Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained 

MOTION (R. Hurley/T. Johnson)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-24 

To spend $6,700 from SBG900 to support the student organization requested blinds in Semesters to be used for dance programs.

Discussion:  Mr. Bachoo inquired as to the type of blinds to be installed, and Dr. Toston requested that the motion be tabled until long term maintenance funding could be obtained from a source other than The Student Center operations budget. 

An amended motion was made to have SBG900 fund long term maintenance of these blinds as this was something students were very interested in supporting.  More discussion ensued. 

S. Sweeney/K. Crowe made a motion to table this issue until the next board meeting before which time research into the type of blind and funding sources could be agreed on. 

Motion Passed: (to table)    10-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


House Committee

Ms. Crowe reported that the posting policy and operational guidelines for the Student Center were reviewed.  This includes portions of the policy as listed in the CCSU Student Handbook.  The House Committee supports the current policy and guidelines and makes no recommendation for changes to it (see attached).

Ms. Crowe noted that Ms. Poirier reviewed Facility Use and Lobby Use Policy with the committee so that all would better understand how facilities are scheduled and may be used by CCSU organizations.  Questions about lobby use and limits to consecutive days of use were answered to committee satisfaction (see attached).

Ms. Crowe indicated that the House Committee plans to support a ‘Comment Card’ system for services within the Student Center.  Mr. Mamed will be working with the House Committee on this at the next meeting.

Ms. Crowe reported that SA/LD is working on a plan to better support student organizations by proposing a reallocation of space on the second floor of the Student Center.  When the proposal is in hand, the Committee will consider and make recommendations.

Ms. Crowe then recommended that a section of bulletin board be allocated for use by the Women’s Center.  Consideration of underutilized space on the current “Featured Event” board space, and that the SUBOG had precedent (SUBOG 90-18) in providing board space to the Women’s Center in the past.

MOTION (K. Crowe/S. Sweeney)                                                                     SUBOG 2004-25 

To allocate a space of five feet to the south of the “Featured Event” board nearing the Student Center main office entrance to the Women’s Center to highlight office hours, programs and women’s issues for notice by the campus community. 

Discussion was prompted by Dr. Toston questioning what criteria were used to allocate the space and how the board would handle future requests for bulletin board space.  Responses included, precedent set, available board space, that student organizations have up to seven boards to post their events and meeting notices on, that the board has agreed in the past not to add board space in the Student Center.  A vote on the motion was taken.

Motion Passed:    7-Yes      1-No       0-Abstained

Student Services Committee

There was no meeting of the Student Services Committee this past month.

Trophy Case Use Guidelines will be generated at the next House Committee meeting.  In the meantime, Rich Hurley will work with Otis Mamed and others to decorate the cases until long and short term use of the cases are determined.

Ms. Taggart noted that an e-mail request was received by her requesting that SUBOG fund purchasing of banners on light poles around campus.  The appearance of the banners is not known though Mr. Bachoo indicated that photos could be forwarded to her.  Ms. Taggart questioned the direct benefit to students by purchasing the banners and sent the request to the Budget Committee for consideration.

Mr. Mamed reported that the Card Office and Coca-Cola, the campus beverage vendor, have a plan to remove a low volume product from the machine in the hallway outside the gameroom and replace it with Powerade as requested by students and the Board.

Mr. Mamed promoted the Student Satisfaction Inventory to the board, indicating that the dates will be in early November.  He suggested that students promote this to their various committees and participate as it will affect the services and quality of them in the future.  Dr. Toston reminded students that there will be prizes given away as a promotion for participation, the survey will be on line and can be done any time, any day via Campus Pipeline.  She urged students to participate.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne Otis Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2004-2005