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MINUTES - Friday, October 17, 2003

Present:  R. Bachoo, S. Blake, K. Carpino, C. Fenwick, T. Johnson, F. Mendoza, K. Newman, D. Orloske,
C. Peppes, K. Ryan, R. Schneeweiss, T. Stubbs, C. Taggart (Chair)

Ms. Taggart, Chairperson, called the meeting to order at 1:04 p.m.

      MOTION (C. Peppes/T. Stubbs)                                                          SUBOG 2003-19

To ratify Krystal Crowe as the Mosaic Center Chair and its representative to SUBOG for 2003-2004:        

      Motion Passed:    9-Yes      0-No       0-Abstained


      MOTION:  (F. Mendoza/C. Fenwick)                                                  SUBOG 2003-20

To ratify Kelly Carpino and Mahilia Roach as Central Activities Network (CAN) members-at-large representatives to the SUBOG for 2003-2004:

      Motion Passed:    10-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


Mr. Mendoza then was asked for the Budget Committee report.

MOTION:  (F. Mendoza/C. Fenwick)                                                  SUBOG 2003-21 

To transfer $7,500 from CAN Reserve Account #CAN901 to CAN Central Perk Account #CAN905

      Motion Passed:    11-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


Discussion:  Mr. Mendoza said that this was needed to cover expenses incurred during First Week events.

Ms. Peppes then gave the House Committee Report.  There followed a discussion of the proposed trophy cases for displaying student organization recognition in the Student Center.

      MOTION:  (D. Orloske/T. Stubbs)                                                       SUBOG 2003-22 

To place up to three trophy cases in the CCSU Lounge within the “Drum” along the brick walls.

      Motion Passed:    11-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained

Ms. Peppes further raised a request by the Inter-Greek Council (IGC) to have a bulletin board devoted to Greek-sponsored events.  The discussion examined the appropriateness of this request and why the Greek community is or is not more deserving of space than other groups.  The request was not forwarded for action. 

Mr. Stubbs gave the Student Services Committee report in that the Committee chair, Sarah Kluge, was not present.  Mr. Stubbs has been writing monthly articles about the Board for Sidetracks and would do a bulletin board promoting the SUBOG.

Mr. Mendoza, president of Central Activities Network (CAN), then gave his monthly report.  He highlighted the recent Fall Ball, which sold out (225 people); the recruitment meeting (CAN Opener), October 22, that was very successful; and that CAN was also a host school at the upcoming NACA regional conference.

In Ms. Crowe’s absence, Ms. Peppes gave the Mosaic Center Committee report.  There are eight members on the committee who meet weekly at noon on Wednesdays.  An open house is planned for October 22.  Launching of the “Mosaic Lens” photo contest will take place at that time.

Mr. Orloske was invited by Ms. Taggart to give a building update.  Mr. Orloske noted that building usage is up, bookstore sales are up, and the food court has shown a profit for the past two weeks.  These are all very positive indicators.  The punch list of things that need repair or completion within the building is being whittled down.  The “1% for art” piece will be installed before the end of November, outside of Breakers.  It was also reported that starting Monday, October 20, the operation of the Mexican Express location in the Devil’s Den will be extended to 7:30 p.m.  Also, the labeling of the art work throughout the building is happening.

      MOTION:  (T. Stubbs/K. Ryan)                                                          SUBOG 2003-23 

To ratify Sara Blake as Student Center Building Manager Representative to the SUBOG for 2003-2004.

      Motion Passed:    11-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained


      MOTION:  (C. Fenwick/K. Newman)                                                  SUBOG 2003-24

To ask President Judd to appoint Professor Paul Petterson to serve as a Faculty Representative to the SUBOG for a two-year term.

      Motion Passed:    12-Yes    0-No       0-Abstained

Mr. Schneeweiss then reported on the NACA Ross/Fahey Golf Tournament. 

Mr. Taggart then remarked about banner display for events in the Student Center.  Mr. Orloske pointed out that currently there are two areas for major display – the exterior of the Devil’s Den and the featured programs board in the North hallway.

Ms Taggart also mentioned a concern for the usage of lobby tables for vendors.  Are organizations getting the benefits they should in reference to these tables?  Also, the alarm system and student office access? 

The Student Center Holiday Social is December 9.

There were announcements during Open Floor

The next SUBOG meeting will be held on Friday, December 5, at 1:00 p.m., Student Center 1849 Room.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:18 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG 2003-2004