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MINUTES - Wednesday, May 3, 2000

Present: L. Calabrese (Chair), D. Geraci, A. Cortes, S. Collier, M. Foglia, D. Orloske, R. Schneeweiss, D. Ross, P. Rosa, A. Jorge

Guests: F. Resnick, C. Wallach

Ms. Calabrese called the meeting to order at 5:25 p.m. in Henry Barnard Room 115.

Ms. Calabrese asked to suspend the agenda and go to any new business due to the many other commitments Board members had this evening.

Budget Committee

Mr. Cortes said the Program Council had a number of budgetary requests as well as their budget for Fiscal 2000-2001, which had been reviewed by the committee.

MOTION: (Geraci/Schneeweiss) To transfer $2,000 from the Program Council Reserve Account (PGC 901) to the Summer Program Account (PGC 910) to fund the summer 2000 programs.

Motion Passed (7 Yes, 1 No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 00-08

MOTION: (Geraci/Cortes) To allocate and balance in the Program Council Reserve Account (PGC 901) to cover any deficits that might occur in any Program Council Account at the close of Fiscal 2000.

Motion Passed (9 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 00-09


Ms. Foglia presented the Program Council’s proposed budget for Fiscal 2000-2001 indicating the anticipated increase in fee revenues due to enrollment increases for the coming year.

MOTION: (Foglia/Cortes) To approve the proposed $120,000 Program Council Budget for Fiscal 2000.

Motion Passed (9 Yes, 0 No, 1 Abstained) SUBOG 00-10

Ms. Geraci then presented the results of the Program Council’s Coordinator Selection Committee for the coming year.

MOTION: (Geraci/Collier) To ratify selected members to the Program Council’s Executive Board for the 2000-2001 school year.

Michael Winalski - Cinema Central
Nicole DePaola - Community Adventures
Cindy Carvalho - Sidetracks
Christian Cajar - Climax

Motion Passed (9 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 00-11


Mr. Schneeweiss then presented the proposed budget for programs for both the Leadership and Mosaic Committees for Fiscal 2000-2001.

MOTION: (Schneeweiss/Collier) To approve the proposed budgets for programs for the SA/LD Leadership and the Mosaic Committees for the 2000-2001 school year.

Motion Passed (9 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained) SUBOG 00-12

Ms. Calabrese then gave the floor to Mr. Resnick the CCSU CFO and Mr. Wallach, campus Bursar and food service contract administrator to make a presentation on campus food services. Mr. Resnick explained that the University was in the process of reviewing proposals from Chartwells, the campus food service contractor, to extend their current contract with the University. He then explained the process the University was going through to do this review as well as why they are considering this action. Part of the process, he explained, was to gather feedback from the various segments of the campus and that was why he and Mr. Wallach had come to the Board. Mr. Resnick listed as some of the benefits for extending the contract as being:

1. Not having to expense of time and money to conduct a full bidding process which can cost thousands of dollars and take many months

2. We know the Chartwells company and have a relationship with their management, and it is a good one

3. Special economic benefits that Chartwells has offered the University, which includes cash to invest in the University which increases depending on the length of the extension

2 year extension - $150,000
5 Year extension - $950,000
10 year extension - $1,600,000 plus a $100,000 endowed scholarship for students in
the new Hospitality & Tourism Program

Mr. Resnick said the two down side aspects of not bidding the contract again are:

1. Possibility that we might not get any new ideas that might come from a new vendor
2. Possible complaints from other food vendors

Dr. Rosa added that some had expressed concerns about the cost of the food plans. He said that this would not be affected as the University set the cost of these plans and was committed to keeping it as reasonable as possible for students. As for staffing, he said that no matter who was the contractor, because the food service is an organized union operation the same employees would be working here no matter who the vendor was, so there is no reason to be concerned that anyone would lose their job if a new contractor came in. Mr. Resnick answered a question concerning a long term contract saying that our contract has a 90 day cancellation clause that would allow us to go out to bid at any time we were dissatisfied with the vendor.

Mr. Cortes expressed his general satisfaction with Chartwells and their services. Some expressed some concern with variety but others pointed out their experience from other schools was that at CCSU we had a much greater variety than most schools. Another question was raised if there was any difference in the value people got from either eating in the Nutmeg Room or the cafeteria. Mr. Wallach said he did not think there was any great difference especially when you look at the fact that the meals in the food plan or when purchased by the meal is for all-you-can-eat. Another question concerning catering costs was brought up and Mr. Wallach said he would look into it but felt that when one considers the labor cost in preparing most foods it is really reasonable.

Mr. Resnick said that no decision had been made to President Judd as yet but Dr. Judd will make the final decision. They then thanked the Board for their input.

Ms. Calabrese then opened the floor for nominations for the new SUBOG Chairperson for the 2000-2001 school year. Ms. Geraci nominated Ms. Collier. The nomination was seconded by Mr. Cortes.

Not hearing any more nominations Ms. Calabrese closed the nomination and Dean Ross asked Ms. Collier to make a short presentation. Ms. Collier expressed her excitement for the position and the new year. She added her interest in going into the Student Activities field after graduation and how this experience would provide good training for her.

Seeing that there was no other nominations Dean Ross made a motion:

MOTION: (Ross/Cortes) To instruct the Executive Secretary to cast one vote for Ms. Collier on behalf of the entire Board, indicating unanimous approval of her election as Chairperson of the Student Union Board of Governors for the 2000-2001 school year.

Motion Passed unanimously by voice vote SUBOG 00-13

Mr. Orloske then cast a single vote and declared Ms. Collier the new Chair of the Student Union Board of Governors.

Ms. Calabrese then thanked the Board for the opportunity to serve as their Chair for the last year and for their support. She then passed the Chair to Ms. Collier.

Ms. Collier then recognized Ms. Geraci who made the following motion:

MOTION: (Geraci/Jorge) The members of the Student Union Board of Governors extend their heartfelt thanks to Ms. Luisa Calabrese on behalf of the University community for an outstanding term as 1999-2000 SUBOG Chairperson.

Motion Passed unanimously by voice vote SUBOG 00-14

Ms. Collier then recognized Mr. Orloske who reported that the bids had been opened on the second round of bidding on the addition/renovation of the Student Center. He said if all goes well the construction should begin in early June.

Mr. Schneeweiss then reported that the Selections Committee for the One Percent for the Arts program had chosen a new artist who will be doing an outdoor sculpture near the building. The exact location is still to be determined.

Ms. Collier reminded members that the annual recognition banquet would be next week on May 10 and hoped to see everyone there.

Ms. Collier adjourned the meeting at 6:35 p.m.

Respectively submitted,

Duane A. Orloske
Executive Secretary