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MINUTES - Thursday, March 4, 1999


Present: L. Calabrese, R. Campbell (Chair), E. Carte, A. Cimiano, L. Gargamelli, D. Orloske, S. Rich, D. Ross, R. Schneeweiss, J. Zytka

Guest: Dr. Peter M. Rosa

Chairman Campbell called the meeting to order at 5:09 p.m. He asked Ms. Gargamelli to give the Budget Committee report. Ms. Gargamelli said she had spoken to Ms. Violette at Chartwells about the Rapid Menu.

Ms. Calabrese gave the House Committee report. She said the Committee was interested in the theme of University history for the rooms in the new Student Center.

In a conversation concerning smoking at the Student Center entrances, Dean Ross stated that a Bill dealing with this issue is currently working its way through the State Legislature. The Board wanted President Judd to know that it is in favor of seeing smoking at the Student Center entrances cease.

Jason Zytka then gave the Student Services Committee report. He is working with Mr. Floyd (Assistant Director of Student Activities/Leadership Development) on the end-of-the-year event. He is also working on commuter services and helped host a commuter meeting.

Ms. Gargamelli then gave the Program Council report that was submitted by PC President Lamont. She highlighted the Winter Week programs. Of particular interest was the successful sale of 1,000 Dave Matthews tickets (in 3 hours). The Crystal Ball on Saturday, February 6, at the Marriott-Farmington had a disappointing attendance of 96 people. The One Ton Sundae was a great success and was also a great team builder among the students who served and built the sundae.

The PC Arts & Culture Committee sponsored, in honor of Black History Month, a night of culture. It was well attended and well received.

MOTION (D. Orloske/J. Zytka) To allocate $15,300 from the PC/SALD Unallotted Account #994101 to the PC Climax Account #994590 for Spring Week events.

Motion passed (9 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained) (SUBOG 99-2)

Mr. Orloske gave the renovation update. Of particular interest was information about the use of the Memorial Hall Constitution Room for dances. It appears that 350 people will be approved by the fire marshal. The readiness of Seth North Hall may be delayed. This could affect the move.

Mr. Campbell read a letter from Chartwells’ manager concerning the Rapid Menu.

Mr. Zytka reported on the SUBOG Recognition dinner on May 11.

The Board endorsed Mr. Campbell’s presenting former President Bush with a gift the night of the Vance Lecture.

General Comments: Mr. Schneeweiss noted the Program Council Reunion on April 10 and a Graduate Intern Reunion on March 22 at the ACUI Conference in Dallas, Texas.

It was also noted that Mr. Mamed has launched an updated SCOES Web Site.

MOTION (D. Orloske/L. Gargamelli) To gate off the Student Center Lobby for the Vance Lecture dinner (President Bush) if security is deemed necessary.

Motion passed (9 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained) (SUBOG 99-3)

Mr. Zytka was appointed to the Program Council Selection Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG