Student Union Board of Governors Minutes

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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, April 23, 2010, 1849 Meeting Room


Present:  K. Fournier (Chair), C. Leahy, M. Craw, A. Pasquariello, P. Beaudoin, S. Datillo, J. Kassay,       D. Joseph, A. Grella,  S. Hazan, L. Tordenti, J. DePlacido, K. Barone

Absent:  A. Santana, H. Pancak, M. Vekakis, K. Dalia, K. Hanley, M. Wright, O. Mamed, R. Bachoo, Gil Gigliotti

Guests:  K. Poirier, C. Cabello

Ms. Fournier called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.  She welcomed all and entertained a motion to approve the new members of the board.

There were no meeting minutes to approve this week.  Ms. Fournier will send them electronically for approval when they are done.

CAN Report
The CAN monthly report of activities produced by this subcommittee of the SUBOG was presented by M. Craw.  The type of music and schedule of bands was discussed, see attached.

Mosaic Committee
D. Joseph presented the report on behalf of the vacant Mosaic Chair position.  The Center is busy closing out the semester.  They sponsored a bus with the Spanish Club to see “In the Heights.”  The photo exhibit was a success.  On Monday, April 26th, they will be working together with Counseling and Wellness to bring Coco Mo Roch, a transgendered speaker to Barnard Hall from 4 to 6. A luncheon to be held on May 11th was also discussed, see attached.

House Committee
Two late closing requests were received and approved by the committee, see attached.  Both requests were approved by the committee.

Student Services Committee Report
No report.

Budget Committee Report
Can Budget
Johnny Kassay reported on the Budget Committee meeting, at which the proposed Central Activities Network budget was discussed (see attached).  Ms. Fournier noted that the amount is the same as last year. 

MOTION (J. DePlacido / A. Grella)                                                            SUBOG 2010-29

To approve the proposed CAN budget for the 10-11 year

Motion Passed:   14-Yes              0-No                1-Abstained

Mosaic Center Budget
D. Joseph spoke about the proposed Mosaic Center budget.  Multicultural programming such as the lecture series and other events was discussed and a movie series in the Mosaic Center was proposed.  Also discussed was providing for small-group discussion, facilitation of exhibits in fall and spring, and doing more work with Diversity Advocates.

MOTION (S. Hazan / K. Soliwoda)                                                             SUBOG 2010-30

To approve the proposed Mosaic Center budget #SLD907 for the 10 – 11 year

Motion Passed:   17-Yes              0-No                0-Abstained

Leadership Development Budget
S. Hazan briefly outlined the items in the proposed Leadership Development budget (see attached).

MOTION (K. Barone / A. Grella)                                                          SUBOG 2010-31

To approve the proposed Leadership Development budget #SLD905 for the 10 – 11 year

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                1-Abstained

SUBOG Budget
K. Fournier briefly outlined the items in the proposed SUBOG budget (see attached).

MOTION (J. DePlacido/ C. Leahy)                                                       SUBOG 2010-32

To approve the proposed SUBOG budget #SLD900 for the 10 – 11 year

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                1-Abstained

Old Business

The election of a new SUBOG chair was discussed.  Meghan Craw and Johnny Kassay were nominated.  Each candidate spoke briefly about their qualifications for the position.  A vote was taken and K. Fournier announced that Meghan Craw was elected as the new chair.  The results will be ratified next month. 

New Business

K. Fournier requested announcements from the floor.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:55 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Scott Hazan
SUBOG 2009-2010