Student Union Board of Governors Minutes

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Student Union Board of Governors (SUBOG)

Minutes for Friday, March 19, 2010, 1849 Meeting Room


Present:  K. Fournier (Chair), C. Leahy, M. Craw, A. Pasquariello, P. Beaudoin, S. Dattillo, J. Kassay, D. Joseph, K. Hanley, M. Wright, A. Grella,  J. DiPlacido, G. Gigliotti, K. Barone, R. Bachoo,
L. Tordenti, S. Hazan, O. Mamed

Absent:  A. Santana, H. Pancak, M. Vekakis, K. Dalia, Commuter Rep, Graduate Rep

Guests:  K. Poirier, L. Mongrello, K. Kobylenski, T. Moffo, C. Cabello, M. Santilli, S. Thompson

Ms. Fournier called the meeting to order at 2:05 PM.  She welcomed all and entertained a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of the Board.

MOTION (G. Gigliotti / S. Hazan)                                                                    SUBOG 2010-25

To approve the minutes of the February 26, 2010, Board meeting with correction in CAN report section.  M. Craw, not P. Beaudoin presented at the meeting (attached)

Motion Passed:   14-Yes        0-No                0-Abstained

CAN Report
The CAN monthly report of activities, produced by this subcommittee of the SUBOG was turned in as a bulleted list (see attached).

Mosaic Committee
D. Joseph presented the report on behalf of the vacant Mosaic Chair position.  A 4/18 bus trip to a program “In the Heights” was announced.  Tickets are $36 and 20 of the 40 seats are still available.  The next program is 3/29 called “In Our Family.”  A May Lunch Program will be presented in the Mosaic Center.  Date was not confirmed at this time.  A written report was not submitted.

House Committee
K. Fournier reported on behalf of this committee.  The House Committee met via e-mail this month to consider a request from WFCS Public Relations Director, Nicholas Menapace.  WFCS requested a late close for their “Metal Show” on March 31, 2010.  The late close is not to allow the show to run after 11 PM but to have time to load out the gear after the show.  The House Committee approved this request.
Student Services Committee
K. Hanley reported that this group ran a promotion table and conducted a survey on the Devil’s Den 10 PM Program.  There was a lot of participation in this by students, and she will report on the results of the survey at the next SUBOG Meeting.

Budget Committee
There is no report for Budget. However, there is a request for funding after the awards proposal during new business.

Old Business
The BOT Student Life Committee met recently, and K. Fournier presented her plan/request for additional Student Center space at the meeting.  The members of the BOT present for this presentation were impressed with the presentation and asked lots of questions.  Congratulations to Kelley Fournier on a job well done.

New Business
Election for the next chair of the SUBOG will be coming up.  Ms. Fournier asked for nominations, though nominations may still be taken at the April Meeting.  Meghan Craw was nominated and accepted.  Chris Leahy was nominated but declined due to his graduation.  At the April meeting of SUBOG the election will take place.

O. Mamed presented two proposals, supported by letters from S. Hazan and former Dean of Students David Ross.  One request was to name the SUBOG Student Volunteer of the Year Award after former Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, Robert Schneeweiss. 

MOTION (S. Hazan / C. Leahy)                                                                       SUBOG 2010-26

That the SUBOG names the long standing award of Student Volunteer of the Year after Robert Schneeweiss, former Program Advisor, Assistant Director of Programs, and Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development; Emeritus, for his support of students as volunteers in the campus community, with distinction

Motion Passed:        16-Yes         0-No          0-Abstained

The second request was to name the SUBOG Student Employee of the Year Award after former Director of the Student Center, Duane A. Orloske.

            MOTION (O. Mamed / G. Gigliotti)                                                                  SUBOG 2010-27

That the SUBOG names the long standing award of Student Employee of the Year after Duane A. Orloske, former CCSU Graduate Intern, Program Advisor/Pub Manager, Assistant Director of Operations, Associate Director of Operations, Director of the Student Center and Associate Dean of Student Affairs; for his support of students as employees in the campus community, with distinction

Motion Passed:        16-Yes         0-No          0-Abstained

Funding was requested to replace the old, now full, plaques with larger ones, including up to 20 more years of plates for these awards, to be displayed prominently in the lobby of the Student Center.

MOTION (O. Mamed / P. Beaudoin)                                                                SUBOG 2010-28

That up to $900 is allocated from SBG900 for two plaques to commemorate the Student Volunteer and Student Employee of the Year in the Student Center lobby

Motion Passed:        16-Yes         0-No          0-Abstained


The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Wayne “Otis” Mamed
Executive Secretary, SUBOG 2009-2010