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MINUTES - WEDNESDAY, April 9, 1997

Student Union Board of Governors

Present:  A. Clayton, R. Edison, L. Graves, M. Moylan, S. Kamani, T. 
Kiernan, S. Lamont, D. Orloske, A. Perlova, S. Rich, D. Ross, R. 
Schneeweiss, P. Sutera, D. Wall, C. West (chair)

Ms. West called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. 

Mr. Sameer Kamani and Ms. Aleksandra Perlova started to give the House 
Committee report in the absence of Ms. Clayton, who arrived shortly.

        MOTION (A. Clayton/M. Moylan) To approve extension of Student 
Center hours to 2:00 a.m. for the Latin American Student Organization's 
(LASO) program on April 18, 1997.

Motion passed (9 approved, 1 against, 1 abstained)      (SUBOG 97-07)

Mr. Wall, Chair of the Budget Committee, was then called upon to give a 
committee report.  He included a listing of current Program Council (PC) 
account balances (attached).  He further reported that the PC has received 
an additional $4,362.84 in activities fees from full time graduate 

        MOTION (D. Wall/A. Perlova)  To allocate $4,362.84 in activities 
fees to the following committees:

Vice President/Comm.    #994500  $  450.00      ($150 Impressions,
                                                 $300 Recognition)
Film/Video              #994570     150.00      (Ice cream giveaway)
Special Events          #994590    2012.84      (Spring Week frontlawn events)
Fine Arts               #994540     300.00      (Jazz show)
Comedy                  #994600     800.00      ($600 Casino Night magician,
                                                 $200 Casino Night police)
Diversity               #994510     500.00      ($300 International Festival
                                                 $100 Souls of Blackness Ball,
                                                 $100 into account possibly 
                                                for BSU for BlackAwareness Day) 
Other                               150.00      (Contribution to Alternative
                                                Thursday movie)

Motion passed (14 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-08)

There was no formal report from the Student Services Committee.  The 
commuter coffees were spoken of by Mr. Kamani.

Ms. Kiernan gave the Program Council report.  Of particular interest since 
the last meeting are the Oxford Union Society/Central Debate (4/7, 
attendance 100+), Lunchtime Acoustics (3/17), and $675 Diversity Grant 
towards the Coalition Dinner (4/15), $600 for Souls of Blackness Ball 
(4/26), and $1100 for International Festival (4/20).

        MOTION (T. Kiernan/S. Lamont)  To ratify Program Council 
Coordinator selections for 1997-98.

                Sandy Ribeiro           Recreation
                Mindy Shedd             Music
                Shari Lamont            Talks & Topics  
                Lisa Gargamelli         Comedy
                Jennifer Woynar         Film/Video
                Aleksandra Perlova      Special Events
                Nancy Clark             Diversity

Motion passed (14 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-09)

Ms. West reported on the meeting that was held on March 20 at which Mr. 
Curtis Stancil (DAKA manager) attended.  Most significant was that the 
contract meal allowance in the Devils Den now reflects more choices that 
comprise a meal not the previous $2.50 limit.

        MOTION (S. Lamont/T. Kiernan)  That the responsibilities of the 
food ad hoc committee be moved to the domain of the Student Services 

Discussion:  One final motion had the ad hoc committee responsibilities 
moved to the House Committee.  After some discussion, a friendly amendment 
was proposed by Mr. Moylan; this became the motion.  The Board felt that 
these responsibilities should be ongoing and appropriately part of a 
standing committee.

Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG  97-10)

Ms. West opened nominations for the 1997-98 chairmanship.  Nominations will 
be open until the elections at the meeting on May 9.  Ms. Lamont was 
nominated at this time by Ms. Clayton and seconded by Ms. Perlova.  Ms. 
West encouraged the Board to meet and talk with Ms. Lamont and anyone else 
who might run for the chairmanship.

Open Floor:  CSU Day at the Capitol in Hartford was discussed as were plans 
for Spring Week.  Mr. Orloske spoke of the progress of the building 
expansion project.  Architects are to be chosen, shortly; and, design work 
will begin in May.

The SUBOG dinner is Tuesday, May 6, 1997. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG



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