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MINUTES - WEDNESDAY, February 19, 1997

Student Union Board of Governors

Present:  A. Clayton, R. Edison, W. Henderson, S. Kamani, T. Kiernan, S. 
Lamont, M. Moylan, S. Rich, D. Ross, R. Schneeweiss, P. Sutera, S. Vial, D. 
Wall, C. West (chair)
Ms. West called the meeting to order at 6:17 p.m.  The first order of 
business was to ratify the two Student Government Association (SGA) 
representatives to the SUBOG.

        MOTION (A. Clayton/S. Lamont)) To ratify Mr. Ronald Edison and Mr. 
Paul Sutera as the SGA representatives to the SUBOG for the 1996-97 year.

Motion passed (9 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)      (SUBOG 97-01)

There was no House Committee report.  Mr. Kevin Rossitto has vacated the 
House Committee chairmanship due to graduation.  Ms. West appointed Ms. 
Clayton as new House Committee chair.

The current DAKA labor situation was discussed.  Members of the Board 
shared what they knew about the job action, etc.

The Budget Committee has not met but chairman David Wall reported on the 
Program Council's (PC) need to reallocate funds in the wake of the "A Tribe 
Called Quest" concert loss.  This reallocation will be dealt with in the PC 
portion of the meeting.

Mr. Henderson then reported on the Student Services Committee.  There have 
been a series of commuter coffees as well as the distribution of ice 
scrapers (for promotional purposes) and a commuter newsletter.  The AAA has 
been contacted to see if they might supply some services.

As part of the Student Services report, Mr. Schneeweiss outlined the Mosaic 
Committee series which starts on February 20 with the play "The Meeting"  a 
dramatization of a fictitious meeting between Malcolm X and Martin Luther 
King, Jr.  Other events in the series include lectures by Terry Anderson 
(March 6), Yaron Svoray (April 29), as well as a performance by Mariachi 
Mexamerica (music).

Mr. Schneeweiss and Mr. Ross then reported on what is currently happening 
with the Student Center addition project.  Mr. Schneeweiss spoke of his 
attempt to include greater student organization office space in the 
project.  Things are moving along!

Ms. Lamont and Mr. Henderson were appointed members of a committee which 
will be involved in the selection of art for the Student Center addition.

Ms. West reported on the SGA bill of December.  It was not approved by the 
University president because the authority for SUBOG and PC is not in the 
SGA's domain.  Dean Ross also commented.

Ms. Tara Kiernan then gave the PC report.  She highlighted the diversity 
grant's sponsorship of three events in December including the AIDS Quilt, 
the Kwanzaa Ball, and the Portuguese festival.  Furthermore, she spoke of 
the Talks & Topics Committee's program with Mr. Sean Sasser a Gay Rights 
Activist and AIDS spokesman.  The Spring Week committee, which falls within 
Special Events, has chosen "Central Mardi Gras" as its theme.  Spring Week 
is a project that already has the joint cooperation of Pep Dancers, Mosaic, 
Inter-Residence Council, and the Black Student Union.

Ms. Kiernan then explained the need to pay for remaining "A Tribe Called 
Quest" expenses from the PC Reserve (account #994100).

        MOTION (T. Kiernan/M. Moylan)  To approve the transfer of up to 
$20,500 from the PC Reserve (account #994100) to the Music Committee 
(account #994525) for the purpose of paying the bands, "A Tribe Called 
Quest" and "The Roots."  

There was discussion of the riskiness of the concert business and the 
necessity for this action.  Ms. Kiernan outlined that out of the total 
amount of concert expenses, $10,000 was paid out of Music and $4,500 from 
Fine Arts.

 Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)    (SUBOG 97-02)

The Program Council Music Committee account was able to pay all but $350 
worth of concert bills.  To enable the payment of all bills and to provide 
additional monies to continue spring programming, the Program Council 
recommends the following reallocation.

        MOTION (T. Kiernan/M. Moylan)  To approve the reallocation of a 
total of $1950 in the following Program Council accounts:
                                        Credit          Debit
        Fine Arts (#994540)              200
        Music (#994525)                  750    
        Special Events (#994590)        1000
                Vice President/Committees (#994500)     $500
                Comedy (#994600)                         500
                Film/Video (#994570)                     250
                Talks & Topics (#994550)                 500
                Recreation (#994560)                     200            
In further discussion, Ms. Kiernan stated that the Program Council will 
also transfer one-half of any net income from spring 1997 movies into 
either the Fine Arts, Music, or Special Events account.  The Program 
Council will identify which committee will receive the income after each 

Motion passed (11 approved, 0 against, 0 abstained)     (SUBOG 97-03)

Ms. West then formed a committee that will work on the SUBOG dinner (May 
6).  Ms. Clayton agreed to join Ms. West in this effort.

Ms. West further announced that the ad hoc food committee will meet on 
March 5 to discuss DAKA and their service to the Student Center. 

In Open Floor  the graduate intern search was discussed by Mr. Schneeweiss, 
and he mentioned an Intern Fair that will take place on March 21.   

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Schneeweiss
Executive Secretary SUBOG



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