Field Experiences and Student Teaching 

Director: Holly Hollander (860-832-2144)

All candidates in elementary, secondary education, special education, and NK-12 programs are required to complete student teaching. In order to student teach, a student must:

  • Be accepted to the professional program prior to submitting an application;

  • Have and maintain a 2.70 cumulative GPA;

  • Complete a student teacher application and necessary paperwork;

  • Submit student teacher application with all accompanying documents by the following deadlines: September 15 for the spring semester; February 15 for the fall semester;

  • Satisfactorily complete all prerequisite courses prior to student teaching with a C or better; have and maintain a 2.70 cumulative GPA;

  • Have no incomplete grades earned in major area of study or a professional program course; and

  • Register for student teaching.

For other office of Field Experiences policies, including removal from student teaching, please refer to the Student Teaching Handbook, available online at the office of Field Experiences website and in hard copy at Barnard Hall, Room 334. Candidates must adhere to all policies and practices as outlined in the Student Teaching Handbook.


Additional student teaching requirements are outlined in the student teaching application that is available at or from the office of Field Experiences. Applications are taken by appointment only; appointments may be made in person in Barnard Hall, Room 334. The Office of Field Experiences will not accept applications submitted after the deadline passes.


Withdrawal from student teaching: Candidates may withdraw from student teaching (EDEL 430, EDSC 412, 414, 415, 417, 419, 420, 421, 428, 429, and 435) with the consent of the University supervisor and the director of Field Experiences by filing a Request to Withdraw from Courses form with requisite signatures. Candidates who withdraw from student teaching after the placement has commenced may not be eligible for a second student teaching placement. Furthermore, a request to repeat student teaching in another school setting may be granted at the discretion and consent of the chair of the Department of Teacher Education, the director of Field Experiences, and the academic department related to the certification area sought. Such consent will be based on the reasons for the withdrawal from the original student teaching placement, the timing and availability of alternative student teaching placements, and evidence of improvement of relevant knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions.

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