Minor in Writing for Teachers (for secondary education English majors only, 18 credits)

ENG 404Fiction for Teachers3
ENG 405Poetry for Teachers3
ENG 406Teaching the Mechanics of Writing3

Directed Electives (9 credits)

JRN 200Introduction to Journalism 3
JRN 235News Writing and Reporting I3
ENG 236News Writing and Reporting II 3
ENG 370Creative Nonfiction I3
ENG 371Creative Writing: Fiction I3
ENG 372Creative Writing: Fiction II3
ENG 373Creative Writing: Poetry I3
ENG 374Creative Writing: Poetry II3
ENG 375Creative Nonfiction II3
ENG 376Creative Writing: Essay3
ENG 377 Creative Writing: Playwriting3
ENG 378Creative Writing: Special Topics3
JRN 380Feature Writing3
JRN 381Opinion Writing3
ENG 382Travel Writing3
JRN 412Editing3
JRN 416Magazine Writing3
JRN 418Studies in Journalism3
ENG 484Advanced Fiction Workshop3
ENG 485Advanced Poetry Workshop3
ENG 494 Creative Writing: Independent Study3
JRN 495Internship1-6

Note: All creative writing and journalism courses must be taken in the prescribed sequences of those programs.

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