Major in Art Education, BS Ed (Certifiable for K-12 teaching, 45 credits)

Art Education Core (36 credits)

ART 112 History of Art I 3
ART 113 History of Art II 3
ART 120 Design I 3
ART 124 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ART 130 Drawing I 3
ART 230 Drawing II 3
ART 240 Printmaking I 3
ART 252 Painting I 3
ART 260 Ceramics I 3
ART 261 Sculpture I 3
ART 263 Crafts I 3

and one additional three-credit art history course


Studio Specialization Area

9 credits in one media area are required; 3 credits from the required studio core can be used as a beginning studio specialization course


Directed Electives

3 credits, as necessary to meet program requirements, chosen in consultation with advisor

No minor is required for BS in art education students.

Students interested in art education should also read "Professional Program for Teacher Certification" in the School of Education and Professional Studies section on page 83 of this catalog.

A portfolio review is required of all BS in art education majors.


Portfolio Requirement

All art majors must submit a portfolio of works for consideration by the art faculty. Students whose portfolios do not meet standards will be required to take supplemental courses. No student will be allowed to proceed on to a 300-level (or higher) studio course without a successful portfolio review.

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