Graduate Catalog 2010-12


SUST 500      Social, Political, and Ethical Dimensions of Global Sustainability                                                                     3

Prereq.:  Admission to graduate school or permission of instructor.  Study of the complex interrelationships between natural, social, and political systems. An interdisciplinary examination of principles, practices, and policymaking that underlie global sustainability including environmental impact on intergenerational equity, public health, social and economic justice, gender equity, education, human rights and democracy. Fall.

SUST 501      Contemporary Challenges in Environmental Sustainability                                                                                 3

Prereq.:  Admission to graduate school or permission of instructor. Review of the principles of sustainability. Interdisciplinary discussion of current global environmental challenges and potential sustainable solutions. Topics to be covered include population growth, climate change, water scarcity and pollution, persistent toxics, fossil fuels, and alternative energy resources. Fall.

SUST 502      Science for Sustainability                                    3

Prereq.: Admission to the graduate school or permission of instructor. Interdisciplinary course provides core science background necessary for understanding current environmental problems in sustainability. Emphasizes interrelationships of natural global systems and focuses on global biogeochemical cycles (water, carbon, nitrogen, sulfur), atmospheric chemistry, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, biological diversity, and effects of toxics.



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