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Policies and Guidelines

Continuation of VA Benefits
Due to the high volume of Requests for Certification each semester, all veterans are encouraged to submit both their Student Educational Program Plan (SEPP) and Request for Enrollment Certification as soon as possible, in order for the VA Department to review all paperwork before certifying the request. If you are continuing student, take advantage of the early enrollment period. The earlier you submit your request, the sooner you will be processed for your benefi ts. Also, note that CCSU cannot guarantee when you will receive your benefi ts. Be advised that multiple class changes may cause delays in processing your request.

Extending your VA Benefits
If you are using either Chapter 30 or Chapter 35 benefits, you may be able to request an extension of your benefi ts. You can submit a written request for an extension of your VA benefits to the VA Regional Office.

Non-Required Courses
The Veterans Administration will pay only for required courses listed on your Educational Plan. These approved courses must meet the minimum requirements for graduation established by the CCSU.

Standards of Satisfactory Progress
Students who do not maintain satisfactory progress for two (2) consecutive semesters will not be eligible for any further certifications of Veterans Benefits, unless the student elects to sit out the third semester without receiving benefi ts while completing 67% of the attempted units with a C or better in all of the classes.

“INC” and “NCR” Grades
If you have received an “INC” or Incomplete for a class, please note that you will have one (1) year to complete the course before the VA may charge you with an overpayment. You are responsible to notify the CCSU Veteran's Affairs office when the course grades change from an “INC” to a letter grade on your transcript.

Veterans’ educational benefits are subject to termination if the student has been on academic probation for more than two consecutive terms.

Dual Major

Dual majors or a major and minor are not allowed by the VA in any degree AA/AS, BA/BS transfer, or certificate programs. The VA will only certify for one major and for one degree at a time.

If you do not attend class….you are not entitled to benefits. If you stop attending a class, you must drop officially and report the drop to the Veteran Affairs Office. This is one of your responsibilities. Federal law requires that students report any change in enrollment status, which might affect VA educational benefits to the school and the VA. Students who receive a grade of “F” for non-attendance may be charged with an overpayment by the VA. Failure to drop a class can result in overpayment of benefits.

Note: Although the Veteran Services Office monitors student attendance, it is imperative that you report any changes to your enrollment to the Veteran Services Office IMMEDIATELY.  When there is an overpayment, the VA will withhold future payments, or ask for repayment of the overpaid benefits. Depending on the situation, they can take you to court, charge interest, as well as withhold future tax refunds, attach wages, put a lien on property or deny home loans.

Minimum GPA Requirements
Students on VA educational benefits (veterans, reservists and dependents) must maintain satisfactory progress. This is a VA requirement. If the student on VA benefits falls below a 2.0 GPA over two consecutive quarters, this is reported to the VA as unsatisfactory progress and benefits are suspended. To reinstate your benefits, you must complete one quarter with a 2.0 or higher GPA.

Concurrent Enrollment
Please visit the Veteran Affairs Office if you are enrolled concurrently at another college/university.

Repeated Courses
The VA WILL NOT pay for repeat courses, unless to complete a major requirement where an F was earned. No class where A, B, C or D grades were earned may be repeated for VA purposes. (Letter grades of “A’, “B”, “C” or “D” are considered to be successfully completed for VA purposes). Students WILL NOT be paid to repeat a course successfully completed due to academic renewal purposes. Exception: Some courses require a specific minimum grade for successful completion or transfer.

Veterans are certified only for those classes that are required for their degree program. It the students responsibility to take at least 12 hours of degree required courses to qualify for full-time benefits (9 hours is considered full-time for graduate study). If they take less than 12 hours, they should make sure that all courses are required in your program. Veteran Education Benefits are certified on a semester basis.

Auditing and Correspondence Courses
Audited courses and correspondence courses do not count as part of your course load in qualifying for benefits.

Status Change
If you change from full-time to part-time status you must file this change with the Office of Veterans Affairs.  


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