Graduate Catalog 2010-12

The School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office (prospective/incoming students)
Barnard Hall, Room 102
Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley Street, P.O. Box 4010, New Britain, CT 06050-9958
Office Phone: 860-832-2350; TDD: 860-832-1954; FAX: 860-832-2362
Toll free (outside local calling area): 1-888-SEE-CCSU

The Graduate Studies Office (continuing students)
Office Phone: 860-832-2363; TDD: 860-832-1954; FAX: 860-832-2352 Barnard Hall, Room 102
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The School of Graduate Studies at Central Connecticut State University was established in 1955. Graduate enrollment is nearly 2,500.

The School has as its primary function the development and administration of graduate degree programs which reflect high academic standards for advanced study. Graduate education seeks to operate at a separate and distinctive level of performance, easily recognized by others and resulting in graduates who make significant contributions to their fields of study or professions.

The University offers graduate programs leading to the following degrees: Doctor of Education; Sixth-Year Certificate in Educational Leadership, Mathematics Education Leadership, and Reading and Language Arts; Master of Science; Master of Arts; and Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). Non-degree graduate-level planned programs leading to teacher certification and certificates for professional enhancement are also available.


Graduate Mission

The School of Graduate Studies is a community of scholars devoted to increasing human awareness and understanding through scholarly inquiry, research, and study in specialized disciplines. The aim of graduate education is to provide students with the environment to develop knowledge and skills to make contributions to their disciplines and to the rapidly changing world. Through an atmosphere of intellectual and personal integrity, an attitude of excellence, and a spirit of creative independence, our graduates develop mastery in their fields and become lifelong learners and leaders within their respective professions.


Graduate Tenets

  • Community of Scholars - To facilitate active and ongoing participation, communication, and interaction of faculty and students around a shared commitment to the advancement of knowledge through innovation and research.
  • Scholarly Inquiry - To foster a spirit of intellectual curiosity, reflective thinking, and the application of rigor in the evolving formulation of knowledge.
  • Intellectual and Personal Integrity - To live according to personal and professional values and standards and to be cognizant of the consequences that decisions and actions have on others and the environment.
  • Excellence - To strive for ongoing quality improvement through careful planning, innovation, and program evaluation.
  • Leadership - To take initiative for shaping the direction of one's discipline by modeling high standards of professional behavior and inspiring and motivating others to do the same.
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