Graduate Catalog 2010-12



EDSC 505       Innovations in Secondary Education                                                        3
Examination of current areas of research in secondary education, including restructuring of high schools, alternatives to tracking, innovations in various subject areas and interdisciplinary studies, team teaching, and grouping practices. Fall. (E)

EDSC 556       Instructional Theory and Practice                                                            3
Prereq.:  Admission to an M.S. program. Advanced study of the theoretical bases of instruction, focusing on the analysis of instructional models and their use in the secondary school classroom. Spring. (O)

EDSC 582       Supervision of Secondary School Teaching                                            3
Prereq.:  Permission of content area department chair and assistant dean of Education and Professional Studies. Supervised teaching experience for graduate students who possess a Durational Shortage Area Permit from the State of Connecticut, signed by the EPS assistant dean. Not to be credited towards master's degree. To meet teacher certification program requirements, student must enroll in two sequential semesters and earn at least a C in each semester.

EDSC 586       Seminar in Secondary Education                                                              3
Examination of issues relevant to the teacher in the middle or high school. Investigation of a specific curricular issue through qualitative methods of inquiry. Spring. (E)



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