Student Activities/Leadership Development

The mission of the Student Activities and Leadership Development office is to increase the skills of our students and help them to distinguish the meaning and purpose in their actions by maintaining a high degree of integrity and ethical standards. Students create their belongingness by recognizing the history of the organizations they support and establishing their legacy at Central Connecticut State University.

The department of Student Activities/Leadership Development creates successful citizens by:

  • Assisting students in developing their own identities as individuals through affiliation, power, and achievement experiences offered through co-curricular club involvement.
  • Promoting a diverse community where, through socialization and recreation, students will acquire respect for the different perspectives within the Central Connecticut State University community and the world.
  • Providing the means by which students can affiliate with one another and thus, build a sense of community on the campus.
  • Encouraging the formation of collaborative partnerships between students and organizations in which they belong, as well as with faculty/staff by creating a laboratory for citizenship and challenging students to build community.
  • Modeling and instilling ethical behavior and practices that will make students respectable, productive, and responsible individuals.
  • Facilitating experiences that enable students to understand how they affect others, as well as how increased knowledge and skills serve to increase human capitol and influence.

Office Location: Student Center, Rm 201

Phone: (860) 832-1990

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

For more information on the Student Activities/Leadership Development department, to become more involved on campus and to learn about all of the exciting events happening each day, please visit the links below.

Student Activites/ Leadership Development

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