Continuing Education and Community Engagement

The primary mission of the office of Continuing Education and Community Engagement (CE/CE) is to make academic content available in nontraditional formats and to support the engagement of CCSU with the community. CE/CE pursues this mission by cultivating niche opportunities, recruiting audiences for specific programming concepts, organizing and facilitating the delivery of programs, and assisting with financial management and accounting.

CE/CE delivers academic and academically-oriented programs in formats and schedules other than our traditional semester-, classroom-, and campus-based model. This includes offering our existing degrees in accelerated, condensed, or non-traditional formats, such as on weekends, evenings, off-site, online, hybrid, or some combination of these. It also offers specialized degrees and certificates for targeted populations, and it organizes conferences, institutes, workshops, and camps.

CE/CE supports initiatives to engage our students academically with the community. This function supports service learning, which includes cultivating community partners and identifying appropriate projects to be undertaken by students enrolled in specific CCSU courses, as well as providing the logistical and administrative support necessary to carry out and assess these projects. In this role, CE/CE helps to link up community partners with courses that might be able to assist them and help faculty members locate community-based projects for their courses.

The ultimate aim is to increase the University's engagement in partnerships that will produce positive changes in the community, help our local communities address some of the serious problems facing them, help them realize opportunities, and contribute to their revitalization. For additional information, contact Director of Continuing Education and Community Engagement Peggy A. Schuberth or Associate Director Richard S. Cheney (860-832-2276).

Vocational Technical Education (VTE) Courses
CE/CE manages the delivery of all VTE courses in service to the Connecticut Technical High School System (CTTHSS) trade teachers. This includes scheduling of all courses in all terms. CCSU is the only provider in the state of Connecticut of VTE courses necessary to obtain and/or maintain CTTHSS trade teacher certification. For information regarding specific courses, you may call Richard Cheney at 860-832-2270 or visit the CE/CE website linked here.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
CE/CE is approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education under provider No. 700, to provide teachers with CEUs needed to maintain or obtain certification.

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