Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Religious Studies

REL 105     Development of Christian Thought    3

Critical survey of the central, formative ideas of Christian thought and their development from New Testament times to the present. Fall. (E) Study Area I

REL 110     World Religions   3

Investigation of the essence of religion, the variety of religious phenomena and systems, and various approaches to the study of religion. Study Area I [I]

REL 250     Japanese Religion 3

Survey of Japanese religion from ancient times to the modern era, including Shinto, Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism. and the new religions. Spring. Study Area I [I]


REL 256     Philosophy, Religion, and Culture   3

Philosophic examination of religious concepts, themes, and arguments about what is most deep and rich n human experience, as this is revealed by literature, film and other forms of expressive culture. Spring. Study Area I [I]

REL 257     Special Topics in Religion    3

Study of selected topics in religion. May be repeated under different topics for up to 6 credits. On demand. Study Area I

REL 361     African-American Religion     3

Examines history, leadership, dynamics, theology, and cultural milieu of African-American religion with focus on religious experience and on spiritual response to social, economic and political oppression and exploitation. Spring. (E)


REL 492     Independent Study 1 TO 3

Prereq.:  Permission of instructor. Individual research in selected topics. Open to any interested student who wishes to pursue a topic of special interest for which the student is qualified. On demand.

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