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September 28, 2012 IT Weekly Announcement

Current & Scheduled Outages/System Updates  


Sunday Maintenance

Every Sunday, between 3:00am – 11:00am, all systems will be intermittently unavailable while important maintenance and updates are performed.


Other Announcements

Removal of Files Stored from Savins and other (MFP) Multi-Function Printer/Scanners

Many departments have a Savin or other type of multi-function printer/scanning device that is used to scan files and store them in a network folder located in \\files.ccsu.edu\scandocs. This location is only meant to be a temporary storage area, and any files that are scanned to this location should be immediately moved to a different network storage area, such as your M or S drive, or a secured netshare (if the file contains PII). On October 14th, IT will be automatically deleting any files stored in departmental scandocs folders that are older than 7 days (based on the date the file was scanned to that location). After October 14th, the deletion process will be scheduled to regularly delete files older than 7 days. We highly recommend that you review any files located in your department’s scandocs folder prior to October 14th and move any files that must be kept.



Removal of Firefox and Chrome on Classroom/Lab Computers

For security reasons, effective Monday October 1st, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome browsers will be removed from all of the Windows computers in campus classrooms and labs.


Blackboard Learn Workshops

The Instructional Design and Technology Resource Center has posted more Blackboard Learn workshops www.ccsu.edu/Learn.  Please check back often as sessions will be added throughout the semester.



A few reminders for those of you with televisions on campus.  A cable box is not needed for the BLUE TV service.  Please connect your television directly to a cable outlet to receive service.  If you are not receiving the full 84 channel lineup, simply rescan your television channels using the “Cable” setting on your television.  For further questions about BLUE TV please contact the Media Center mediacenter@ccsu.edu .


Media Center Design Services

Are you a faculty member in need of graphic design services?  The Media Center in Willard Hall offers academic support services which include artistic concept, development and design of brochures, posters, booklets, flyers, in-house letterheads and logo designs, charts, graphs, and overhead transparencies.  For further information and assistance please contact the Media Center mediacenter@ccsu.edu .


Adobe Creative Suite & Training Now Available!

The University now has a site license for the Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection. This site license allows for the installation of Adobe software on all CCSU-owned computers and has a home use component. To request Adobe software for your CCSU-owned computer, please call the IT Help Desk. For information about the Home Use program, click here.

In addition to our site license we have a subscription to “Total Training” for Adobe products.   Total Training is self-paced and online.  To register for training, please click here.  


Chat Support Available for Classrooms

Need technical support in a classroom, but don’t have a phone available? Now you can initiate a technical support request via chat/instant message using the IT Help Desk Support icon on the desktop of the Instructor Workstation. Simply double-click the icon and a technical support analyst will assist you.


Tips for Slow Boot Up Issues For CCSU Issued Notebook Computers

Both Dell Latitude and Apple Macbook Pro laptops may endure long boot times when used off campus or not booted with a hard wired LAN (network) connection.   When experiencing long login times while off campus or on campus wirelessly try these handy tips:

Macbook Pro -  Turn off wireless before shutting down the computer by left clicking the wireless icon on top right of screen and choose “Turn off Wi-Fi.”  If wireless is not off, it will take 3 – 15 minutes after typing in user name and password to complete the startup process.

Dell Latitude - Flip the switch. Most CCSU Dell issued notebook computers have a switch on the side of the notebook with a wireless symbol to turn on/off the wireless. Turn this switch off before booting the computer to shorten boot times.   Once logged into the computer flip the switch to ON for wireless and authenticate to Clean Access (on campus).

No matter which scenario an error message will pop up “could not find files.ccsu.edu”  click OK to login.   Once logged in turn on wireless and use a web browser to authenticate to Clean Access (if you are on campus).

Need Technical Support?


Contact the IT Help Desk

Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 8pm
Friday 7:30am - 5pm
Walk-in Technology Support
Click here for support information.


Report Abuse: To report any kind of improper usage of our systems or any campus technology, please click here to send us a notification.


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