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Snyder and Cistulli Receive Prestigious Dean's Recognition Award

cistulliSnyderDr. Jason Snyder and Dr. Mark Cistulli, both associate professors in the MIS department, recently received the Dean's award at the annual School of Business Hall of Honor for their contribution in developing the School of Business MBA program.

The dormant MBA was revitalized with the hard work of many faculty and staff, but it was Snyder and Cistulli who spearheaded the project. The program is off to a great start with a healthy applicant pool and over 100 students already enrolled. Students can choose from three tracks – accounting, business analytics, or the "central" track, a mix of both accounting and business analytics courses. Our skilled MIS faculty have undertaken a major role in teaching the business analytics track for the program and in doing so have helped raise the profile of CCSU and the School of Business.

"A great MBA program can define a business school," said Snyder. "We needed to have that new, improved image for our School of Business."
"We offer valuable experience to students looking to bring more to their career," added Cistulli. "Our faculty provide up-to-date, real-world experiences for our MBA students."




Cistulli presents paper at Eastern Communication Conference

In April, Dr. Mark Cistulli, an associate professor in the MIS department, presented a paper at the 2015 Eastern Communication Association Conference titled: "Affective Organizational Commitment: A Study of Generational Cohorts." Dr. Jason Snyder, also an associate professor in the MIS department, is the co-author on the paper. This year's conference was held in Philadelphia, PA.

The modern workforce in the United States is experiencing seismic shifts in attitudes and behaviors because of generational differences which exist in today's companies. Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials (also called Gen Y) are thrown together as technology and globalization create new business communication challenges. Specifically, these different generations:

Approach business communication differently
Exhibit different levels of organizational commitment (loyalty)
Deal with workplace conflict differently
Rely on different communication technologies to do their work and complete projects

These generational differences are at the center of co-worker and client interactions. As a result, managers and workers at all levels of the organizational hierarchy are not always equipped to deal when conflicts arise.

Historically, the affective organizational commitment (AOC) construct has been employed to understand and better predict important work variables such as employee turnover and job performance. This study builds on other recent research on affective organizational commitment that demonstrates the versatility of the AOC construct and its predictive value in the realm of advertising effects, brand attitudes and intended


Applying Big Data to Soccer

Two faculty member of the MIS Department – Tom Jarmoszko and Robert Schumaker – are part of an exciting new research initiative: to apply big data to the game of association football, otherwise known as soccer. Together with two professors from the Management Department (David Freeman and Chet Labedz) Jarmoszko and Schumaker have spent considerable time collecting and analyzing large quantities of data in an effort to gain insight into the sport through the prism of established business research and the emerging techniques of big data analysis. At this point in time two research streams have emerged: sentiment analysis of Twitter messages (tweets) and a study of soccer shooting events based on video analysis of last World Cup's 64 matches. Thus far, the research output has consisted of one paper presented at MIT's prestigious Sports Analytics Conference (February 2015), two papers submitted to management conferences and a working paper – on success factors in soccer shooting – which is still looking for an outlet. The group is currently negotiating a purchase of a large data set, compiled by Opta Sports, for the purpose of positional play analysis. Moneyball: watch out!


U. S. Senator Praises Dr. Siamack Shojai for his Leadership and Commitment

simackRecently Dr. Siamack Shojai was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from U. S. Senator Richard Blumenthal for his "outstanding leadership of the Central Connecticut State University School of Business and Unwavering Devotion" to students. Blumenthal states "Since assuming the position of Dean, you have dedicated yourself to providing students with the tools they need to successfully navigate their careers and achieve their dreams. Under your guidance, the CCSU School of Business, with support from students, faculty, and staff, carried out a rigorous self-evaluation process that culminated in the awarding of internationally-recognized AACSB accreditation –an achievement attained by very few business schools throughout the world."

Dr. Shojai received a standing ovation by those in attendance at the School of Business Hall of Honor when presented with Blumenthal's congratulatory letter and certificate.
We were, indeed, fortunate to have Dr. Siamack Shojai at the helm providing leadership throughout the AACSB accreditation process.




Faculty in the Community

Tom Jarmoszko spent another year volunteering his time to serve on the Management Board of the Polish Language School. Located in New Britain, CT, this institution has been providing instruction in the Polish language -- as well as history, geography and culture of Poland -- to K0-K10 students of the Greater Hartford area. In addition to in-class instruction, students have the opportunity to participate in various trips and outings as well as cultural events. Over the past 55 years, the School (founded in 1960), has grown to its current size of 627 students and is now one of the largest of its type in the country. In the years Tom has worked with the School, important reforms of by-laws, budgeting and operating procedures were implemented. These changes were well received by the School's stakeholders.


MIS Department Offers PMP Exam Prep Course

The Management Information Systems department offered its first Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Course in Spring, 2015 through the University's Office of Continuing Education. The course is designed to prepare participants to take the Project Management Professional
The course was offered over five Saturday sessions for a total of 35 hours. Participants were awarded a Certificate of Completion. The department expects to offer these and other short courses in the coming
Do let us know by e-mail ( if you have ideas about course topics that would be of benefit to you and others in your organizations.