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Institute of Technology & Business Development


Understanding GD&T 

Based on ASME Y14.5-2009 ( Revision of ASME 14.5M-1994)

This instructor-led course simplifies GD&T learning, using mostly visual illustrations and less textual material, to explain basic GD&T application, interpretation and verification. Students learn faster and retain more information when GD&T definitions, rules and concepts are presented in a highly visual format.



  • The impact and importance of industry standards
  • The what, why, where and how-to of geometric dimensions and tolerances
  • Drawing standards and notes in practice
  • Coordinate tolerances and geometric dimensions
  • Geometric dimension symbols



  • Key concepts and terms
  • GD&T symbols and modifiers
  • GD&T rules
  • GD&T in manufacturing


Part Form Considerations

  • Flatness tolerance
  • Straightness tolerance
  • Circular tolerance
  • Cylindrical tolerance


Datums as References

  • Datum systems and key factors
  • Datum targets
  • Size datum features
  • Material Condition Considerations


Part Orientation

  • Perpendicularity tolerances
  • Parallelism tolerances
  • Angularity tolerances



  • Position tolerance concepts and factors
  • Understanding RFS and MMC factors
  • Positional tolerance in special applications
  • Position tolerance calculations


Runout, Circular, and Part Symmetry

  • Circular and total runout tolerances
  • Concentricity and symmetry tolerances



  • Profile tolerance concepts
  • Profile tolerance measurement and application

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Date: September 29 and 30, 2016

Schedule: 8:30 - 4:30

Location: Downtown Campus, 185 Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051

Cost: $595