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What do our students and community partners say about the CCSU History Department?


"The CCSU History Department’s role in promoting history education for Connecticut students is invaluable.  The department has hosted workshops and programs for high school and middle school students focusing on Connecticut’s history, has hosted the last several Connecticut Council for the Social Studies conferences for social studies teachers, and sponsored a highly successful Teaching American History grant.  CCSU is also helping to promote changes presently taking place in the Connecticut state social studies frameworks. No other college/university history department in the state has been as involved in these efforts as the History Department at CCSU."

Steve Armstrong
National Council for the Social Studies

 "With the help of the CCSU history department, my undergraduate career molded me into the social studies teacher I am today. My administration has often commented on how well prepared CCSU students are for their first year teaching as compared to other institutions."

Nicole Fontaine BSED, 2015
Currently enrolled in History MA 2017-
Social Studies Teacher at Enfield High School

"I can proudly say that the History Department at Central Connecticut State University not only prepared me for my career as a Social Studies teacher, but gave me the confidence to play an active role in our field. After graduation, I couldn't help but reflect on how fortunate I had been to have met so many talented and inspiring professors, mentors, and professionals. These relationships did not halt after graduation, however, as I continued to stay in contact with many of these major influences and as they helped me to secure my place as a young professional. I couldn't have been happier with my experiences at CCSU thanks to the History and Education Departments, and I know that my appreciation is shared by many other graduates."

Laura Elliott
8th grade U.S. History teacher 
Sedgwick Middle School 
West Hartford, CT

"A History Degree from CCSU has opened up doors in my life and paved a road that not many get to travel. The knowledge that I took away, not only academic but life lessons, prepared me for a career teaching history to middle school students and gave me the ability to have meaningful conversations in class that intrigue them and make them want to participate. The knowledge I gained from a history degree at CCSU has positively shaped my future and, more importantly, the future generations I work with every day."  

Scott Smolinski, BSED 2000
Assistant Principal, Hedrick Middle School 

"CCSU trained me to be prepared to teach any form of history in the classroom.  In addition, it helped to foster a love of learning history.  Because of my major I am still interested in pursuing historical writing and research.  Thanks to my education at CCSU I have the tools to do that."

John O’Toole  BSED, 2010

"My experience with CCSU’s history department provided a strong foundation as a social studies teacher and professional historian.  In addition to rigorous classes and high-quality professors, I learned the real-world skills needed to be both successful and competitive in today’s market. My studies within the classroom and out in the field helped develop connections and access to resources that I will utilize throughout my career.  In short, Central’s history department helped me develop my dream into a future."

Tony Roy BSED, 2006, MA, 2014
Social Studies Teacher
Connecticut River Academy

"CCSU’s history department provided me with valuable skills and knowledge that helped further my success in the education field. The department offers engaging and challenging courses that allowed me to explore a variety of historical time periods, events, and people.  I also took courses that allowed me to examine the importance of literacy in the classroom and explore how to incorporate reading and writing into my own future classroom. I found the topic of history lends itself to crucial analysis skills students must continue to develop in order to truly succeed in today’s society. My professors in the history department went above and beyond for me and made my time at CCSU much more valuable and enjoyable."

Samantha Cool, BSED 2011
East Hampton High School 

"The CCSU History Department continues to be an important partner of the Connecticut Council for the Social Studies.  History department faculty members have been tireless advocates for the social studies in Connecticut’s public schools and hold key leadership positions on the CCSS board.  Each year we hold our Annual Fall Conference at CCSU and history department faculty and students are instrumental in the organization of the conference.  We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership."

Dan Couglin
President, Connecticut Council for the Social Studies

"This is my 6th year as a full-time Social Studies teacher.  After completing my student teaching, I was hired at Thomaston High School where I taught for 4 years, having earned the honor of Teacher of the Year for the 2011-12 school year.  In August of 2012, I was hired at Newtown High School, where I am currently employed.  I teach AP Psychology and Modern U.S. History to juniors and seniors.  I still coach the Varsity Boys Basketball team at Thomaston High School (3rd year).  My experience as a history major at CCSU was overwhelmingly positive.  I had the opportunity to learn from a variety of professors whose passion for history was contagious.  In addition to providing extra help, assistance and encouragement while I was a student, I have had the privilege of corresponding with several of my former professors after graduating, asking for advice and resources as I prepared lessons for my own students.  To this day, I am amazed and impressed at the level of dedication and support from the history department at CCSU."

Gary Franklin, BSED 2006
Newtown High School

"Honestly, the history department at CCSU…is an amazing group. They provided me an opportunity to grow past my personal problems and become the person I am today. History is what I do. It's a significant part of what makes me, well, me. I cannot see myself doing anything else. Whether I continue to pursue a history teaching job at the middle school or high school age levels, or if I do come back for that second Masters and/or a doctorate, the foundation for either endeavors was laid by CCSU history."

Nick Satin, BSED 2009
Windsor Locks Middle School

"I feel that the courses I took in CCSU prepared me for teaching in that they allowed me to learn not only with my concentration areas, but to also obtain knowledge about a breadth of historical topics as well as being aware of diversity and cultural issues. I found this knowledge to be helpful during my time teaching working with students in the secondary level, teaching at the college level, teaching adults through community programming, teaching through museum work, and teaching through the creation of diversity and multicultural programming both during graduate school and as university assistant/administrator of the CCSU Mosaic Multicultural and Diversity Center." 

José Feliciano, BSED 2007
Adjunct Professor, CCSU

"I have talked up CCSU to my students and shared my experiences with them. I have a great respect for this university and the great faculty which it employs. Thank you the memories and valuable lessons. I look forward to taking more classes at CCSU as time becomes available." 

Adam Starvish, BSED 2009
Howell Cheney Technical High School

"While applying for the teaching program, I had forgotten about a paper that was due in one of my classes until it was announced to pass them forward. I completely panicked and nervously told the professor after class, quickly leaving because I was so embarrassed. He chased after me and told me he knew the amount of pressure I was under applying to the program, completely understood and gave me through the weekend to complete the paper and turn it in. I was a good student and always turned my work in on time, so his compassion was greatly appreciated and I never forgot it. I have tried to use that same approach with my students. I'm sure he doesn't remember that (it was around 1997), but I do. Thank you Dr. Warshauer!"

Katrina Spina, BSED 1999, MS ED Leadership, 2006
Hillside Intermediate School

"I love the CCSU history department and felt that it helped me grow and achieve my goals. I had a wonderful experience at CCSU and am genuinely happy that the department has a new building in which to continue growing and helping students."

Christina McCullough, BSED 2007
New Milford High School

"Thank you to all the professors and mentors that I was fortunate enough to work with during my time there. I was well prepared coming into my profession thanks to you."

Alex Schwartz, BSED 2011
Litchfield High School

"I loved my time at CCSU. The Education and History departments prepared me to become the best teacher that I could be."

Drew Blythe, BSED 2011
Platt High School

"Honestly, all of the professors I had in the history department were amazing and among the best that I had during my time at Central. When I talk to my students who are applying to colleges, I tell them how qualified and intelligent my history professors were at CCSU. All of you made college a wonderful experience. I can never thank my professors for helping me and guiding me. They helped me to understand what it means to be a scholar and how to push myself to be a better reader, researcher, and writer. It is the lessons I learned in the history program that I try to teach my own students."

Megan Dwyer, BSED 2009
Holy Cross High School