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What do our Public History Community Partners say?

"Connecticut Humanities maintains close relationships with educational institutions around the state, but the work we have done with the faculty and students of CCSU's history department has been by far the most productive and the most enduring.  For years, we have collaborated with CCSU faculty on major statewide programming initiatives and have benefitted from the involvement of both undergraduate and graduate students as part-time and full-time staff and as contributors to our ConnecticutHistory.org website project.  Connecticut Humanities hopes that this relationship will only grow closer in the future, so that together we can continue to strengthen Connecticut's heritage organizations and broaden the public awareness of our state's rich history."

CT HumanitiesStuart Parnes

Executive Director, retired
Connecticut Humanities


"The Harriet Beecher Stowe Center and the CCSU Department of History have worked closely to place undergraduate and graduate students as interns at the Center. CCSU interns are enthusiastic, engaged and hard-working, eager to learn more about the museum business, and a testament to CCSU's strength and standards. Some students have joined the Center's staff as historic interpreters, program coordinators, collections assistants, and visitor services managers. The Stowe Center is gratified this fruitful relationship has benefited the University, the Center, and the many students who have shared the Center's mission using Stowe's story to inspire social justice and positive change."

Harriet Beecher Stowe CenterKatherine Kane

Executive Director
Harriet Beecher Stowe Center

"For years the Connecticut League of History Organizations has turned to the Department of History at CCSU for the best in cutting edge research and scholarship on topics in Connecticut history. Whether sharing insightful papers at our Annual Conference, or providing skilled graduate students to intern in Connecticut's history museums, the CCSU History Department ensures that the study of history provides real-world meaning and value to the people of Connecticut." 

CT League of History OrganizationsLiz Shapiro

Executive Director
Connecticut League of History Organizations


"Historic preservation is well served by students and graduates in the Department of History at CCSU.  At the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, we have had many interns from the public history program who especially helped us in our major Barns documentation project.  We currently employ two recent CCSU graduate school graduates, one in our mills research program and another in our communications department. Other CCSU graduates now serve the state as professional historic consultants. All in all, CCSU prepares its students well for careers in history and historic preservation."

CT Trust for Historic PreservationHelen Higgins

Executive Director
Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

"I've been very impressed by the professionalism and passion of the CCSU History Department's faculty and students.  Whether at the graduate or undergraduate level, students are highly engaged and motivated both in and outside the classroom.  Through the Public History Internship Program, Weir Farm National Historic Site has directly benefited from these students' knowledge and expertise.  Working with talented and capable Public History Interns has been incredibly rewarding for both the park and myself.  Over the years, the CCSU History Department has become an extremely valued partner and friend."

National Park ServicesCassie C. Werne

Management Assistant
Weir Farm National Historic Site

"Whether it be for public history events,  publications, advanced learning seminars, or simply the exchange of information and collegial support, I have found the history faculty at CCSU to be an exceptionally fine resource."

Mystic SeaportGlenn S. Gordinier, Ph.D.

Robert G. Albion Historian
Co-Director, Munson Institute

"Serving an educational mission since its opening in 1893, The Barnum Museum's primary educational objective is to be a relevant institution of learning, committed to intellectual exchange, and community engagement.  With this mission as a charge, the Museum is honored to work with CCSU faculty and staff.  A shared goal is to continuously inspire innovative thinking and learning for the future, to empower and strengthen the community through dynamic interactions and lively exchange of ideas.  The members of CCSU History Department are committed to embracing innovative and multi-disciplinary approaches to traditional classroom study; empowering students to engage in collaborative community discussions and encourage a vibrant "shared authority" of our collective history based in sound scholarship; challenging all seekers of knowledge to reach beyond the limits of ordinary expectations, and to see the world as a place of curiosity, wonder, invention, and opportunity and through the eyes of the past." 

The Barnum MuseumKathy Maher

Executive Director
Barnum Museum

"The Mark Twain House & Museum has had the opportunity to work with many students from the CCSU Public History program.  Students with this program on their resume who come to us seeking either internships or employment are certain to get an interview, and very often a job.  I have had the pleasure to work with CCSU students  who have come to us with both enthusiasm and  a deep understanding of interpreting a historic site.   This museum has been able to provide flexible work hours for workers on a student schedule and provide first hand job experience in their chosen field.  We have also worked hand in hand with school faculty to provide programs specifically catered to their curriculum.  It is a terrific partnership and CCSU Public History is producing some outstanding young museum professionals."

The Mark Twain House & MuseumRebecca Floyd

Manager of Interpretive Services
The Mark Twain House & Museum

"CCSU's History Department is deeply engaged in preserving and commemorating Connecticut's rich history. As a result, CCSU students, both undergraduate and graduate, can be found learning history by "doing history" in museums, archives, government agencies, and private companies all across the Nutmeg  state."

University Of ConnecticutWalter Woodward, Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor of History 
State Historian  
University of Connecticut

"In the last few years, CCSU's History Department has helped bring history to more and more people throughout the state. Skilled interns, new Connecticut research, strong history initiatives, participation in Connecticut History Day, and speakers willing to share insights in a variety of venues have helped history groups and students across the state. The heritage community has certainly benefited from the department's participation in our activities and efforts.

CT Old State HouseSally Whipple

Executive Director
Connecticut's Old State House

"The Amistad Center's affiliation with CCSU's History Department has enabled us to significantly advance our work in the areas of scholarship, education and community involvement. During this period of commemoration of the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, with CCSU's help, we have engaged new audiences-teachers, students, history buffs alike- and offered new perspectives on these critical moments in American, particularly African American, history. We are looking forward to high caliber collaborative efforts in the future as we mark the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth in 2015.

The Amistad Center for Art & CultureOlivia White

Executive Director
The Amistad Center for Art & Culture

"The CCSU History Department's role in promoting history education for Connecticut students is invaluable.  The department has hosted workshops and programs for high school and middle school students focusing on Connecticut's history, has hosted the last several Connecticut Council for the Social Studies conferences for social studies teachers, and sponsored a highly successful Teaching American History grant.  CCSU is also helping to promote changes presently taking place in the Connecticut state social studies frameworks. No other college/university history department in the state has been as involved in these efforts as the History Department at CCSU."

National Council for the Social StudiesSteve Armstrong

National Council for the Social Studies

"The Connecticut State Library works collaboratively with the CCSU History Department to provide faculty and students  with access to the Connecticut State Archives as well as the Library's extensive collection of Connecticut newspapers, state documents and other  historical resources.  Interns, referred by the History Department to the State Library and the Archives, have gained important skills while at the same time making more of the collection available through the creation of finding aides; development of online exhibits and the processing of collections."

Connecticut State LibraryKendall Wiggin

Connecticut State Librarian