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Check Reissue Request Form (PDF)
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Journal Entry Request Form (PDF)

A Journal Voucher (JV) transfers costs (expenditures) or funds (revenue) from one budget or cost center to another budget or cost center. These transfers may range from cost sharing to coding corrections to revenue distributions.

Backup Documentation
Justification for the journal voucher must be clearly stated on the form or can be attached as part of the submission.  A description, 35 characters or less, should also be included on the form.  This description will appear online when the form or the involved budgets or cost centers are inquired in Banner.  If a description is not provided, one will be added by the Financial Operations/Accounting Department that will closely relate to the justification.

All journal vouchers must be signed and dated by the requesting budget manager or their budget assistant.  Other signatures are required if the journal voucher involves other departments being charged.  An attached e-mail approving the charge(s) is acceptable.  All journal vouchers involving grants must be routed through the Grant Administration Office for additional approval.

Other Information
This documentation only applies to departmentally requested journal vouchers.  There are other university-wide subsystems (i.e. procurement card, event services) that do create journal vouchers.  These subsystems maintain their own documentation and approvals therefore only data integrity edit checks are performed prior to their posting into the accounting system.

Also the Financial Operations/Accounting Department will initiate journal vouchers for a variety of reasons such as corrections, allocations, and accounting compliance entries.

All completed and signed journal vouchers should be sent to the Financial Operations/Accounting Department, Marcus White Annex, Room 006.